A More Traditional Yerba Mate Recipe

Try this traditional yerba mate recipe when you're ready to enjoy the many physical, mental, emotional, and even social benefits this nourishing herbal tea has to offer!

Making herbal teas is such a simple, enjoyable, comforting task... and with such deliciously healthful results.

As with other herbal teas, mate can be made with loose tea or a teabag, served hot or iced, enjoyed in a latte, relished as is or enhanced with your favorite extras (like sweetener, milk, herbs, or citrus) - it's entirely up to you!

To enjoy the fullest health benefits of mate and for a new tea-drinking experience, why not make your yerba mate with a mate gourd and mate straw? Follow this yerba mate recipe for a more traditional mate-drinking experience.

Yerba Mate Recipe

Yerba Mate Recipe

If you'd like to make and enjoy your yerba mate in a more traditional style, treat yourself to a gourd and a bombilla. A gourd is simply a small cup used for making and serving mate, and a bombilla is a drinking straw, usually made from metal (such as stainless steel or silver), with a filtered end to prevent mate leaves from coming up the straw. 

Yerba Mate & Pregnancy

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You'll need...

  • A gourd and bombilla
  • A generous amount of loose-leaf yerba mate tea (enough to fill the gourd about halfway)
  • Fresh, delicious water - some cool or lukewarm, and a larger amount brought just to the boil (enough to refill the gourd a few times, if you'd like)
  • Optional delicious additions to taste, such as sweetener, citrus, cinnamon, chocolate, milk, or mint
  • Also optional is a thermos to keep hot water nearby to top up your gourd, as needed

To make the tea...

Then, when you're ready to make your mate...

  1. Fill your gourd generously one-half full with loose dried yerba mate leaves. 
  2. If your mate leaves seem fairly fine, shake or invert the gourd (with your hand over the gourd opening) a few times to redistribute the mate and bring the finer leaves to the top (this will help prevent the bombilla from clogging later on). 
  3. Tilt the gourd a bit to position the leaves over to one side, and pour some fresh cool or lukewarm water into the empty space, almost to the top of the loose mate. Wait for a minute or two, to allow the water to be completely absorbed by the leaves. (This helps to preserve the mate's flavor and nutrients.)
  4. Insert the bombilla (filter end first) into the empty space, so it touches the bottom of the gourd. 
  5. Then, fill the space with hot (not boiling) water (160 - 180F / 71 - 82C is best), again almost to the top of the pile.
  6. Sip your mate through the bombilla, and enjoy! Keep the bombilla in place as you sip (rather than using it to stir the mate), to ensure none of the yerba mate finds its way into the straw. 

Victoria Zak, in her brilliant book, "20,000 Secrets of Tea," suggests spicing mate in the traditional manner by sauteing brown sugar with lemon juice until brown, and then adding to the hot yerba mate tea. Yum! 

And, you can top up the gourd with additional hot water (and your extras, too) a few times, as you'd like, until the mate loses its flavor. If you'd rather not keep re-boiling your water, store it in a thermos to keep it at just the right temperature for your mate.

And, to glean every bit of flavor, you can also use the bombilla to push the leaves to the other side of the gourd before you refill with hot water. 

Yerba Mate Recipe

Why try a traditional yerba mate recipe?

Making yerba mate with a gourd and bombilla may be a new experience for you. And, even though you may prefer a more familiar way of making this tea - say, with a kettle, tea infuser, and your favorite tea mug - why not consider giving the traditional mate method a try?

Not only will making your tea in a gourd give you a more authentic mate experience, but another very good reason to choose the traditional method of making yerba mate is that you can benefit even more from mate's healthful properties. 

Research suggests that making mate in the traditional manner - which uses very little water in proportion to mate leaves - is the most effective way to benefit from yerba mate's beneficial components, such as its potent antioxidants and many minerals and vitamins. 

And, mate gourds and bombillas would make a fun and lovely addition to your teaware collection! :)

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Keep browsing through our Yerba Mate Recipe pages... you'll find a recipe for Iced Yerba Mate and tips for making a Yerba Mate Latte, too.

If you're ready to try making your own mate, why not give this traditional recipe a try? Using a gourd and bombilla is a special, fun, and satisfying way to enjoy this amazingly healthful, nurturing herbal tea.  

Curing Your Gourd

If you've just purchased a traditional mate gourd, consider curing your gourd before using it. Find some tips and more information about curing a gourd here. 

There are so many remarkable herbal teas available to us! While you may be comfortable with your familiar favorites, it can be a tasty and healthy choice to branch out and add a new herbal tea to your tea repertoire every so often! Yerba mate is an excellent option - healthy in so many ways, and with a very stimulating taste and pleasing aroma, you may find this tea quickly becomes one of your favorites. 

Why not try...

  • For additional health benefits and flavor, add some herbs - like mint or rosemary - to the yerba mate in the gourd before water is added.
  • Refreshing iced yerba mate, or even a steamy yerba mate latte

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