Yerba Mate Latte Recipe

This quick and easy yerba mate latte recipe is another incredibly delicious way to enjoy the wellness benefits of this versatile herbal tea.

If you're a tea lover, a latte lover, or both, you're sure to enjoy a yerba mate latte (the best of both worlds!). Not only can yerba mate offer so many benefits for well-being (physically, mentally, and emotionally), but, because this tea is a natural source of caffeine, it can also give you a boost of energy, increased alertness, and improved concentration (just a few of caffeine's many benefits). 

Yerba Mate Latte Recipe | The Tea Talk

Traditionally, yerba mate is sipped through a bombilla (a silver or metal straw with a filtered end) from a gourd (a small cup used for making and serving mate), but you can enjoy this lovely tea just as you would any other favorite teas or coffees. Served hot or iced, with or without sweetener, milk, or flavoring, yerba mate is a flavorsome, all-purpose drink.

A very nice way to appreciate yerba mate is in a latte... 

Yerba Mate Latte Recipe 

This simple recipe for a scrumptious 12 oz. latte begins with a yerba mate teabag or loose-leaf yerba mate. But, if you prefer a more traditional yerba mate recipe (made with a mate gourd and bombilla), you'll find it here

You'll need...

  • One yerba mate teabag or 1 - 2 heaping teaspoons loose-leaf yerba mate tea
  • 6 - 8 oz. fresh, delicious water, brought just to the boil
  • 4 - 5 oz. of your preferred milk, steamed (coconut, almond, dairy, hemp... or even chocolate milk for a yerba mate mocha)
  • Optional additions to taste, such as sweetener, flavored syrup, milk foam or a dollop of whipped cream, and some ground cinnamon, shaved chocolate, or caramel syrup for the top of the latte

To make the latte...

  1. Add the teabag or loose-leaf tea to a large cup or mug (an infuser is very handy when using loose-leaf yerba mate).
  2. Cool the just-boiled water slightly, and then add to the cup.
  3. Cover the mate and let it steep for 3 - 8 minutes, and then remove the teabag or loose tea leaves.
  4. Stir in the steamed milk.
  5. Add extras of choice, and top generously with milk foam or whipped cream, followed by a sprinkle of cinnamon, some chocolate shavings, or a swirl of caramel syrup. 

The equipment you already have at home to brew up your much-loved hot and cold beverages will work perfectly with yerba mate, too - try making a latte with an espresso machine, and a French press also makes a beautiful cup (or cups) of yerba mate. 

Yerba Mate Latte Recipe | The Tea Talk

And, to enjoy an iced version, simply pour the yerba mate latte over ice. 

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Another hot, flavorful tea treat is Salabat, a traditional Filipino ginger tea. You'll find a tasty recipe here for Salabat. 

Many people do find mate somewhat bitter to the taste, so you may find that you prefer this tea in a latte form, with milk and sweetener. A yerba mate latte is a wonderful way to enjoy the benefits this herbal tea can provide, served up as a very tasty, soothing, fragrant latte.

Yerba mate is a well-known beverage in parts of the world, but still new to many of us. If you've yet to try this naturally caffeinated herbal tea, drop by our "What is Yerba Mate?" page to get to know more. You can also find more information on our Yerba Mate Pinterest board

We often think that teas and herbal tisanes can only be served hot (or maybe iced)... but don't be afraid to use your imagination to discover other ways to include tea in your day. Not only do many teas make delightful lattes, but teas can also be used in baking and cooking, for their topical benefits (in steams, baths, and compresses), and in numerous other ways around the house and yard.

You + Yerba Mate Benefits

What is your experience with yerba mate? We'd love to hear about it! Click here to share your story, and see what other readers have to say about yerba mate, too. 

Yerba mate is such a satisfying, healthful beverage. The next time you're craving a hot, comforting, milky drink, try this yerba mate latte recipe - you'll be glad you did! 

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