Benefits of Yerba Mate for Weight Loss Support

There are many reasons why so many of us turn to yerba mate for weight loss support... From stimulating healthy digestion to boosting metabolism to reducing the urge to snack, this flavorful, nourishing herbal tea is not only incredibly beneficial for wellness, but may help us in reaching our weight goals, too. 

When setting up a weight-management plan to reach or maintain a healthy weight, many lifestyle and dietary choices can provide support. Staying active, getting plenty of rejuvenating rest, keeping stress at bay, spending fun time with family and friends, and nourishing the body with healthful foods and beverages - all of these can contribute to helping the body get to or stay at its healthiest, happiest weight. 

Yerba Mate for Weight Loss | The Tea Talk

Many teas and herbal tisanes (including yerba mate) are well-known for their ability to aid in managing weight. If you've been thinking of losing a few pounds or are looking for help in staying at your current weight, here are some reasons why yerba mate might be a good choice for you. 

  • Stimulate and support healthy digestion with yerba mate tea. A digestive system that is working effectively is not only far more comfortable, but it can make losing extra pounds feel easier, too. And, sipping some yerba mate tea is an effective way to strengthen and tone the entire digestive system. This herbal tisane can aid in easing constipation, relieving water retention, encouraging regularity, and ensuring things move quickly and easily through the intestinal tract. 
  • Boost antioxidant intake (and promote a healthy weight) with yerba mate. A diet rich in antioxidants can support weight management specifically by boosting energy and metabolism. Antioxidants may also indirectly encourage a healthy weight by improving overall wellness, because a body that is healthier and stronger tends to lose weight more quickly and easily. Yerba mate tea, which is an incredible source of antioxidants, is a flavorsome, simple, effective way to encourage wellness and support weight-loss goals. 

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  • Feel "full" more quickly by drinking yerba mate before meals. Research shows that making and enjoying some yerba mate tea before eating may slow the rate at which food leaves the stomach - meaning we'll feel satisfied sooner and may be less apt to overeat. 

You + Yerba Mate Benefits

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  • Drinking yerba mate regularly may help to increase fat oxidation. A higher rate of fat oxidation can be beneficial not only for weight (the body using stored fats to produce energy can promote weight loss), but may help to protect against chronic disease, too. 
  • Enjoy yerba mate's caffeine to encourage a healthy weight. Unlike other herbal teas, yerba mate is a natural source of caffeine. Not only may caffeine improve metabolism (helping us burn calories more quickly), but it can also enhance our workouts by boosting energy and stamina (meaning we can stay active longer and with increased intensity). Caffeine is an effective mood booster, too, keeping us feeling positive and encouraged (another plus to help us stay motivated and focused on our weight goals). 

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  • Yerba mate's anti-inflammatory properties may also benefit weight goals. Being overweight often goes hand-in-hand with low-level chronic inflammation, and enjoying yerba mate tea regularly may provide support against chronic inflammation and its harmful effects (e.g. excess body weight). 
  • Yerba mate is an excellent source of essential vitamins and minerals, including potassium, zinc, chromium, iron, manganese, as well as vitamins A, C, E, B1, B2, B3, and B5. Vitamins and minerals help our bodies stay strong and well - and encourage healthy metabolism, too. 
Yerba Mate for Weight Loss | The Tea Talk
  • Flavorful foods and drinks (like yerba mate) can help to minimize cravings. Filling our days with nourishing, flavorful foods and beverages encourages us to stick with our weight-management plans by keeping cravings at bay and helping us stay focused on our long-term goals. Yerba mate tea is tasty, aromatic, and so very satisfying. It's also incredibly versatile (visit our Yerba Mate Recipes section to get some inspiration for including this tea in your day). 
  • Feel positive and healthy with yerba mate. In general, it's just easier to stay with a weight-management plan (healthy eating, good sleeps, and regular activity) when the body and mind are feeling good. And yerba mate, with its benefits for good physical and mental wellness, can provide support in keeping us feeling energized, positive, well-rested, and disease- and pain-free. 

It isn't always easy to stick with a weight-management plan, but a healthy lifestyle and enjoying foods and beverages that are beneficial for our bodies can go a long way towards helping us stay on track and working towards (and staying at) that target weight. 

In addition to yerba mate for weight loss...

Yerba mate isn't the only tea known to encourage a healthy weight. Other teas and herbal tisanes well-known for supporting weight-management include oolong, cinnamon, green, and hibiscus tea

If you've already started or are planning to make some changes to support a healthy weight, why not consider yerba mate for weight loss? Flavorful and healthful, this tea can provide weight benefits and many other wellness benefits, too. 

In addition, these benefits of yerba mate for weight loss mean that including this herbal tea as a regular part of your routine may help with maintaining that happy weight once you've reach it, and prevent those pounds from sneaking back on. 

If you are thinking of yerba mate for weight loss, please have a chat with your natural health practitioner about yerba mate for you. Also, drop by our Yerba Mate Side Effects page to read up on some safe-use tips and precautions associated with yerba mate tea. Wanting to learn more about yerba mate? Visit our "What is Yerba Mate?" page. 

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