What is Healthy Water? Simple ways to ensure a healthier, more delicious cup of tea!

So... exactly what is healthy water? Even though sometimes it can feel virtually impossible to maintain good health with our air, earth, and water becoming more and more polluted, we still have options for protecting our bodies from potential ill effects in our environment. 

For example, if your water isn't as clean or safe as you'd like, here are some things you can do to ensure the water you use to make your tea is a benefit, rather than a detriment, to your health.

Learn about your water supply, and have your water tested.

If your main water source is your municipal system, ask your local water company for its consumer water-quality report each year. Or, if water from a well is your primary water source, take a sample of your water to be tested at a certified lab that provides water analysis.

Read your water report carefully, and don't be afraid to ask questions if there's something you don't understand. 

Choose healthy water for healthy tea

With this information on hand, you'll know whether your water has contaminants (and what kind), and you will have a clearer idea whether or not a water filter is the best health choice for you and your family.

Use a water filter.

Not only will a water filter improve your water's taste, but it will help to protect you from many of the potential dangers that may come into your home through your taps. 

Water filters are available in various different styles - in tabletop styles for drinking water, faucet-mounted or under-sink styles to filter the water from a particular tap, and house-wide filters to protect your family throughout your entire home against any contaminants in your water supply.

Do your research to ensure you're choosing a filter that will remove as many toxins (chlorine, heavy metals, etc.) from your water as possible. Check your water report to see which, if any, chemicals or other toxins your water contains, and be sure to choose a filter that targets these specific contaminants.

You can read more about choosing a water filter here.

Choose as good-quality bottled water as you can afford, and avoid plastic bottles.

If you typically choose bottled water for tea, read labels carefully to ensure you're choosing good, beneficial water. And, to protect yourself against any possible dangers from plastic, why not treat yourself to a pretty, reusable stainless steel, glass, or ceramic container - better for you and better for the planet, too!

Learn more here about some of the concerns with bottled water and tips for choosing the best bottled water.

Do your part to ensure our planet's water supply stays as clean as possible for us and our precious future generations. 

Clean, healthy water is no longer something we can take for granted.

To be sure our children and their children (and their children) have access to a beneficial water supply, it's essential that we make choices today that protect our planet's natural resources. 

If each of us chooses organic or natural cleaning and lawn-care products, supports organic farmers, recycles water bottles, and returns unused pharmaceuticals to the pharmacy (rather than flushing them), these simple choices will go such a long way towards keeping our water supply clean and pure!

Health Benefits of Tea

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Small habits and choices we make each day can add up and make a big difference!

Although it may not seem like much to choose healthier, safer water for your tea, add this healthful decision to other small healthful decisions you make throughout the day, and you will be doing a world of good for your body, mind, and spirit. 

As always, have a chat with your naturopathic or homeopathic doctor, herbal practitioner, or other qualified healthcare provider about any decisions or questions about your health and wellness, including safe and beneficial water, teas, and herbal tisanes. Ask her or him what is healthy water for you and your family - she or he would be happy to help you make the best choices for you and your household. 

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Visit Food & Water Watch and browse through their helpful and informative 'The Take Back the Tap Guide to Safe Tap Water.' You can find it here.

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