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Tea time quotes are magic words that can warm your heart and transport you back in time to your favorite tea memory - or help you create a new one. For those of us who love tea, tea quotes provide us with another way to enjoy our beloved beverage.

If you love reading quotes about tea, or you are looking for the perfect tea time quotes for an upcoming tea party or celebration, you're sure to find what you need here. Browse through all of our tea time quotes, or choose one of these categories to get you started.

Tea Time Quotes - Tea and Books

You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me. -C. S. Lewis

Tea and books - Mmmmmm, two of life's exquisite pleasures that together bring near-bliss. -Christine Hanrahan

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A book reads the better which is our own, and has been so long known to us, that we know the topography of its blots, and dog's ears, and can trace the dirt in it to having read it at tea with buttered muffins. -Charles Lamb

When I was in fourth grade, a novelist came to talk to my English class. She told us that being an author meant sitting at the kitchen table in pajamas, drinking tea with the dogs at your feet. -J. Courtney Sullivan

Tea Time Quotes | The Tea Talk

Tea Time Quotes - Tea in Children's Stories

Come along inside... We'll see if tea and buns can make the world a better place. -Kenneth Graeme, The Wind in the Willows

Christopher Robin was home by this time, because it was in the afternoon, and he was so glad to see them that they stayed there until very nearly tea-time, and then they had a Very Nearly tea, which is one you forget about afterwards, and hurried on to Pooh Corner, so as to see Eeyore before it was too late to have a Proper Tea with Owl. -A. A. Milne, The House at Pooh Corner

Then Mrs. Tiggy-winkle made tea - a cup for herself and a cup for Lucie. They sat before the fire on a bench and looked sideways at one another. Mrs. Tiggy-winkle's hand, holding the tea-cup, was very very brown, and very very wrinkly with the soap-suds; and all through her gown and her cap, there were HAIRPINS sticking wrong end out; so that Lucie didn't like to sit too near her. -Beatrix Potter, The Tale of Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle

"Take some more tea," the March Hare said to Alice, very earnestly. "I've had nothing yet," Alice replied in an offended tone, "so I can't take more." -Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Tea Time Quotes | The Tea Talk

The mug from the washstand was used as Becky's tea cup, and the tea was so delicious that it was not necessary to pretend that it was anything but tea. -Frances Hodgson Burnett, A Little Princess

Peter was not very well during the evening. His mother put him to bed, and made some chamomile tea: "One table-spoonful to be taken at bed-time." -Beatrix Potter, The Tale of Peter Rabbit

"Would you like an adventure now," he said casually to John, "or would you like to have your tea first?" -J. M. Barrie, The Adventures of Peter Pan

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On the hob was a little brass kettle, hissing and boiling; spread upon the floor was a warm, thick rug; before the fire was a folding-chair, unfolded and with cushions on it; by the chair was a small folding-table, unfolded, covered with a white cloth, and upon it were spread small covered dishes, a cup and saucer, and a tea-pot; on the bed were new, warm coverings, a curious wadded silk robe, and some books. The little, cold, miserable room seemed changed into Fairyland. It was actually warm and glowing. -Frances Hodgson Burnett, Sara Crewe: or, What Happened at Miss Minchin's Boarding School

Tea Time Quotes - Tea Gifts

A tea set is good for a newborn girl. It is a gift that instantly makes the room a girl's room. -Phoebe Cates

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