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Browse through our Tea Recipes pages to find hot and iced tea recipes, and some recipes for topical use of tea (like tea baths and tea steams), too.

Around the world, we love tea! (In fact, tea is the second-most consumed beverage worldwide - only water is enjoyed more than tea.) Tea is virtually a perfect beverage - not only can it encourage good health and wellness for people of all ages, but it is so quick and easy to make, and marvelously delicious and fragrant, as well. 

Tea Recipes | The Tea Talk

And, tea is so very versatile - that little tea stash in your kitchen can provide healthful, inexpensive, refreshing hot and iced beverages for you and your family throughout the year, and tea can be a flavorful, unique ingredient in a multitude of sweet and savory dishes. Tea, when used in a tea compress, bath, or facial steam, can provide amazing topical and aromatherapy benefits, too. 

Here are some recipes and tips for the countless ways you can enjoy and benefit from traditional teas and herbal tisanes. 

Hot Tea Recipes

A classic favorite, a cup or pot of hot tea is a comforting ritual for so many of us. Whether you're a tea newbie or you've brewed many a cup of tea over the years, you most likely have your tea-making ritual down pat. The pieces of your tea ritual (a much-loved cup, how you've arranged your tea stash, that comfy chair, the first whiff and sip of your newly brewed tea...) make teatime a very special part of your day.

But... how you make your tea can affect whether you're enjoying your tea to the fullest. Different teas require their own unique brewing conditions to taste their best and retain their wonderful wellness benefits, and these simple variances can make a world of difference in the flavor of your tea. You'll find tips for making the perfect cup of tea on our Making Tea pages

And, the water you use for making tea affects the taste of your tea and how good it is for you, too. Learn more here about choosing healthy water for tea. 

Tea Recipes | The Tea Talk

If you are more of an herbal tea lover (or are thinking of trying a new herbal tea or two), browse through these simple but lovely hot-tea recipes and brewing tips for making various herbal teas. 

For even more tea tips and recipes, drop by our Making Tea board on Pinterest. 

Iced Tea Recipes

Many of us count the months, weeks, and days until it's iced tea season again! If you've been striving to make the perfect pitcher of iced tea, you'll find some tips for making iced tea here. And here are some simple (but oh-so-tasty) iced tea recipes...

"Iced tea is too pure and natural a creation not to have been invented as soon as tea, ice, and hot weather crossed paths."

-John Egerton

Ready to experiment with some new iced tea recipes? Follow our Yummy Iced Tea Recipes board on Pinterest for some ideas and inspiration.

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Tea Lattes

For those of us who love lattes, but prefer tea to coffee, a tea latte is the perfect solution. Delicious tea lattes are yet another way to enjoy not only the taste, but also the benefits of teas and herbal tisanes.

If you're ready to delve into the world of tea lattes, try our Yerba Matte Latte recipe, or check out our Tea Lattes board on Pinterest for more tea latte ideas and recipes. 

Tea Smoothies

If you've been looking for a new way to incorporate more healthful teas (traditional and herbal) into your (and your family's) day, why not try delectably refreshing tea smoothies? 

By using a variety of different teas - black, white, green, or your favorite herbal tea - and combining them with the powerful nutrients found in freshly made fruit and vegetable smoothies, you are giving yourself one of the healthiest, tastiest meals or snacks you possibly can. 

Tea Recipes | The Tea Talk

"The Tea Smoothie Book" will help get you started with adding tea smoothies to your day, and provide you with plenty of mouthwatering tea smoothie recipes, too. 

Recipes with Tea

Tea isn't only wonderful enjoyed as a hot or iced beverage... tea is also amazing when used as an ingredient in baking and cooking. Not only will tea add incredible flavor to sweet and savory dishes, but it is a wonderfully healthful ingredient, as well, that will add to the nutritional benefits of your dish.

Use tea to enhance a cookie batter, as a fish or chicken marinade, to add richness to a pudding, or in any other way you can imagine - let your taste buds and your imagination be your guide.

Ready to get started cooking with tea? Follow our Recipes with Tea Pinterest board and you'll find lots of tasty recipes to tempt your palate.

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Tea can benefit our physical, mental, and emotional health in so many ways. And, for us to enjoy healthful tea fully, it's important that we make it properly. 

Enjoying the many faces of tea will make us more likely to include this wonderful beverage in our days. From familiar, comforting hot and iced teas, to the more unexpected tea lattes and tea smoothies, to all the ways we can use teas topically, there is no end to how we can enhance our lives and encourage wellness with teas and herbal tisanes. 

Topical Tea Recipes

Teas and herbal tisanes aren't only beneficial as beverages... teas can also provide many wellness and cosmetic benefits when used topically in tea baths, compresses, facial steams, and more. Keep reading here for some beautifully beneficial topical tea recipes and to learn more about how to use teas topically. 

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