More Benefits of Tea for Aging

The many benefits of tea for aging can help us feel and look our best as we grow older. While change is inevitable over time, we are so fortunate to have a multitude of natural, safe, effective ways (like enjoying tea) to promote good health and good spirits through our lives.  

Including tea as a regular part of our day ensures we can benefit from what this amazing beverage has to offer. Not only can tea encourage physical wellness in all sorts of ways, but it can also boost and support mental wellbeing, and even provide social benefits. 

Tea for Aging | The Tea Talk

Tea benefits for mental and emotional wellbeing

We often are so focused on making good choices and developing positive habits to help our bodies stay strong, vibrant, and well - that nurturing our mental and emotional health falls by the wayside. 

In many ways, teas and herbal tisanes help to keep our bodies looking and feeling healthy as we age. And there are more benefits of tea for aging... These beverages can aid in keeping us well cognitively and emotionally, too. 

Lift your spirits with a cup of tea

Feeling down or stressed can happen to any of us at any time, and a wonderfully natural way to give your spirits a boost is to brew and sip a cup of tea. Caffeine-free cinnamon, peppermint, red clover, or lemon balm tea may help to improve your mood. Our most favorite tea around the world - black tea - is also a very effective stress buster. And remember, these teas are lovely hot or iced. 

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You + Tea for Aging

Do you have a story to share about how tea has benefited you? We'd love to hear it! Click here to share your comments about tea's wellness benefits, and see what other readers are saying about tea and aging, too. 

A tea facial steam or a soothing tea bath is another relaxing way to raise your spirits. If you're feeling low or out of sorts, treat yourself to a lemon balm or green tea steam or a peppermint or chamomile tea bath for a pick-me-up that has wonderful benefits for your skin, too.

Drink tea regularly to support brain health and cognitive function

Teas and herbal tisanes can promote cognitive function, too, helping our minds stay sharp and active. Teas from the Camellia sinensis tea plant (black, oolong, green, and white teas), as well as Valerian, cinnamon, and lemon balm herbal teas are known for aiding in boosting memory and concentration, improving performance in various cognitive tasks, and enhancing mental energy. 

Tea and Romance

A healthy love life is an important part of happy aging, too. If you're planning a romantic dinner, why not brew an after-dinner tea with aphrodisiac properties, such as cinnamon or ginger?

Recent research supports these tea-for-aging benefits, suggesting that consistent, long-term enjoyment of certain teas may lower the risk of cognitive decline as we age, and help to protect us against Alzheimer's disease, early onset dementia, and other diseases that affect cognitive functioning. 

Show your brain some love and support by regularly brewing a cup of black, green, or oolong tea, or, if herbal teas are your preference, steep some cinnamon or Rooibos tea. 

Other benefits of tea for aging

Let's not forget other areas of our lives that need nurturing, like our social and relational selves. Including plenty of fun and socializing in our lives, no matter what our age, is so important, and such an effective way to stay positive and feeling good. 

Tea for Aging | The Tea Talk

Enjoying a cup of tea can be so good for us socially and emotionally. For countless years, and in many countries, we've known and loved teatime as a way to cherish our relationships with others, and to treasure alone time, too. 

Whether you relish some precious "me" time with a pot of tea and a good book each afternoon, or meet with friends at a cozy tea shop to chat over a cup of tea a few times a month, adding a special teatime to your routine is a relaxing, beneficial stress reliever that can bring pleasure and beauty to your day and nurture those emotional and social parts of you that are so important. 

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There are a multitude of simple ways we can support physical, mental, and emotional wellness through our lifetime - such as keeping and enjoying a well-stocked tea cupboard! Affordable, full of flavor, healthful, and so fragrant - tea is a delightful addition to your day for these and many more reasons. 

What is your favorite tea benefit? We'd love to hear - drop by and share your comments about tea for aging (or simply about tea) with our community on The Tea Talk Facebook page.  

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