More Tea Benefits for Aging

Enjoy tea benefits for aging, and discover the many ways this delicious, healthful beverage can help us thrive physically and mentally as we age. 

We are blessed to have at our fingertips so many natural, healthy, affordable options for enhancing wellness through our lives. Getting plenty of rest, staying active and interested, eating a healthy diet, keeping stress at bay, and spending fun time with family and friends - all of these can help to keep us feeling (and looking) our best. 

And, of course, teas and herbal tisanes provide a multitude of benefits for our bodies, minds, and spirits as we grow older. Here are more tea benefits for aging (if you missed our first page about tea and aging, you'll find it here). 

Enjoy tea to keep skin looking and feeling more youthful

Time, environmental factors, and stress can leave us with fine lines and wrinkles, loss of skin elasticity, and dull, dry skin.

If you're looking for a natural, uncomplicated way to provide some extra protection and nourishment for your skin, why not consider tea?

Tea can be very beneficial for skin, not only when enjoyed as a beverage, but when used topically, too. 

Tea Benefits for Aging | The Tea Talk

Drink tea to promote skin wellness and beauty

Sipping tea throughout the day is an easy way to nurture and hydrate skin. And, if the worries and pressures of everyday life show on our faces as frowns and worry lines, tea's stress-relieving properties can help to relax those tense facial muscles. Black, green, chamomile, red clover, and lemon balm tea, for example, are some teas that are well-known for helping to ease stress effectively and quickly. 

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Many teas and herbal tisanes provide additional benefits for our complexions, thanks to their high levels of antioxidants. In addition to lessening susceptibility to disease and boosting the immune system, antioxidants also help to slow the aging process (including the signs of aging on our skin) by neutralizing harmful free radicals in our bodies. 

You + Tea for Aging

Do you have a story to share about how tea has benefited you? We'd love to hear it! Click here to share your comments about tea's wellness benefits, and see what other readers are saying about tea and aging, too. 

One way to increase your antioxidant intake and promote skin health is by adding some green or white tea to your day. Or, if you're watching your caffeine intake, caffeine-free Rooibos, hibiscus, and chamomile herbal teas provide beneficial antioxidants, too.

Tea Benefits for Aging | The Tea Talk

Use tea topically to nourish and protect skin

Enjoying a cup (or pot) of tea during the day isn't the only way to nurture skin... Topical use of tea (in a tea facial steam or tea bath, for example) can also enhance skin beauty and wellness. 

Regular facial steams hydrate skin and keep it soft and supple, and steaming with tea also provides skin with tea's additional wellness and beauty benefits. 

Tea Beauty Products

Looking for more ways to enjoy tea benefits for aging? If you've been thinking of making your own tea beauty products from scratch (to enjoy the topical benefits of tea), you'll find lots of ideas on our Tea Skincare Pinterest board

For example, steaming with green tea can help to tighten, protect, and rejuvenate skin, thanks to green tea's antioxidants and vitamins C and E. A soothing chamomile tea steam provides antioxidant benefits, too, and will leave skin feeling amazingly soft. Rooibos tea is a natural exfoliant, and steaming with this herbal tea can help to brighten, smooth, and soften your complexion. 

Adding tea to your bath time is a spa-like treat that will lift your spirits and provide tea's benefits for your entire body. Relax and unwind in a green, dandelion, or chamomile tea bath, and afterwards, your skin will feel as soft and hydrated as a baby's. 

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Tea for Hair Health

Hair can become thinner, drier, and lackluster over time. Fortunately for us, research suggests that tea benefits for aging can apply to hair health, too. Sip some green tea to strengthen hair, encourage hair growth, and help to prevent hair loss, breakage, and split ends. And, for softer, brighter hair, why not treat yourself to a chamomile tea hair rinse? You'll find some comments here from other readers about chamomile tea benefits for hair health and beauty.  

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There's more... Keep reading here to learn more about tea benefits for aging - in particular, mental wellness and some social benefits, too. 

For those of us seeking natural options to support aging gracefully and healthfully, teas and herbal tisanes are simple, readily available ways to boost and encourage good physical, mental, emotional, and social wellbeing. Including tea in our everyday routine - as a beverage and as a topical remedy in baths, steams, and compresses - can offer many benefits and natural, effective support for healthy aging. 

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