More Tea Benefits for Aging

There are so many tea benefits for aging, and this delicious, healthful beverage can help us thrive physically and mentally as we grow older. 

Even though no 'miracle cure' has been found for aging yet, we have a multitude of natural, healthy, affordable options for managing, reducing, and even reversing many of the changes we experience as we age. 

Getting plenty of rest, staying active, eating a healthy diet, keeping stress at bay, having fun, and spending time with family and friends - all of these can help to keep us feeling (and looking) younger.

And, of course, teas and herbal tisanes provide so many benefits for our bodies, minds, and spirits as we grow older!

Here are more tea benefits for aging (if you missed our first page about tea and aging, you'll find it here).

Your Benefits of Tea for Aging

Do you have a story to share about how tea has benefited your health and wellbeing as you've aged? We'd love to hear it! Click here to share your comments and opinions about tea's benefits for good health as we grow older.

Support and nurture good physical health with tea

Many of us enjoy tea each day just because we love its delicious taste and aroma! But tea is brimming with health benefits, too, and including tea as a regular part of our diets as we age is a smart decision for our bodies and for maintaining and encouraging good physical health.

Many of the physical aches, pains, and concerns that develop or worsen in older adulthood, such as weak or fragile bones, tender arthritic joints, back pain, or chronic disease, may be relieved and aided with delicious, beneficial teas and herbal tisanes.

Tea Benefits for Aging

Drink tea to enjoy antioxidant health benefits

Various teas and herbal tisanes are exceptional sources of antioxidants, and antioxidants aren't only good for our skin's appearance - they provide a host of other health and wellness benefits, too.

Enjoying teas with high levels of antioxidants can also help to improve cardiovascular health, strengthen the immune system, lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of cancer and other chronic diseases, increase vitality, and much, much more.

Drinking tea is an easy and tasty way to add more antioxidants to your diet. For an antioxidant boost, choose teas from the Camellia sinensis tea plant (black, oolong, pu-erh, green, and white teas) or, if you prefer caffeine-free herbal teas, brew and enjoy some cinnamon, ginger, or peppermint tea.

More tea benefits for aging... Relieve aches, pains, and swelling with tea

Various aches and pains, such as back pain or the tenderness of swollen arthritic joints, can appear or intensify with age.

Many teas provide both pain relief and anti-inflammatory benefits and, as such, may help to manage pain and swelling, even for arthritis. The next time your arthritis, neck pain, or another ache is acting up, steep a cup or two of green, white, cinnamon, dandelion, or ginger tea for natural relief that stops pain in its tracks and may help to reduce swelling, too. 

And, don't forget that tea can provide soothing relief when used topically. A healing warm or cool tea compress applied to the painful area can bring relief, or treat yourself to a comforting chamomile, ginger, or Rooibos tea bath to ease aches and inflammation. (Rosemary Gladstar, in her book 'Medicinal Herbs,' refers to herbal baths as "...nothing less than immersing ourselves in a strong infusion of healing herbal tea." What a lovely image! :) )

Tea Benefits for Aging

Improve bone health with tea

As we age, we tend to lose bone mass and our bones become thinner and more fragile, making us more susceptible to (and fearful of) fractures.

However, research has shown that regularly drinking certain types of tea - such as black, oolong, green, white, or red clover tea - can significantly boost bone strength and density and lessen the risk of a fracture. Adding tea to your diet may provide some relief from the symptoms of osteoporosis, too.

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There's more... Keep reading here to learn more about tea's benefits for mental and social health as we age.

For those of us seeking natural ways to support aging gracefully and healthfully, teas and herbal tisanes are simple, readily available ways to boost and encourage good physical, mental, emotional, and social health and well-being.

Including tea in our everyday routine - as a beverage and as a topical remedy in baths, steams, and compresses - can offer long-term benefits and natural, effective support as we grow older.

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