Stay Abreast of St Johns Wort Side Effects & Precautions

Here are some potential St Johns wort side effects and safe use tips to keep in mind before you brew up a cup of this herbal tisane. 

When you're considering adding a new tea to your tea stash and daily routine, it's a good idea to get to know not only the wellness benefits this tea has to offer, but also any precautions associated with this tea. 

St. John's Wort Side Effects | The Tea Talk

Some General Precautions for St. John's Wort Tea

St. John's wort tea, when consumed regularly, may aid in bringing relief from anxiety, melancholy, stress, and nervous tension. If you haven't been sleeping well or have been feeling irritated, mentally or emotionally fatigued, or simply off-balance, this helping tea may soothe and strengthen you. 

However, before you consider consuming St. John's wort tea, please note these precautions and safe-use tips:

  • If you have or are being for any physical or mental condition and/or you are taking any herbal remedies or medication (e.g. an anti-depressant, birth control pills, allergy medication, etc.), it's essential that you consult with your primary care provider before consuming St. John's wort tea. 
  • Avoid St. John's wort tea if you are expecting, breastfeeding, or trying to fall pregnant. (Ask your healthcare provider about good herbal teas for you while you are pregnant and breastfeeding). 
  • Don't use this herbal tisane for more than 2 - 3 months without consulting with your healthcare provider.
  • As this tea may increase skin sensitivity to sun (especially for those who are fair-skinned), use organic sunblock vigilantly when outdoors if you consume St. John's wort tea. 
  • St. John's wort has been known to cause other reactions (such as headache, tummy troubles, light-headedness, and fatigue). If you do have any sort of negative reaction to this tea, please discontinue use until you have checked with your herbalist, naturopath, or another trusted healthcare provider. 

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