More Precautions & Potential Side Effects of Ginger Tea

Potential risks and side effects of ginger tea - both as a beverage and when used topically - are essential to know before you enjoy this healthful, delicious herbal tea.

We tend to think of herbal teas simply as natural, tasty, refreshing beverages, but, because herbal teas contain active ingredients, every herbal tea may not necessarily be a good choice for you. So, before adding any herbal tea to your (or your family's) daily routine, be sure to learn more about any potential risks or even contraindications associated with that tea.

Here are more precautions and possible side effects of ginger tea (if you missed our first page about potential ginger tea side effects, you'll find it here).

Ginger Tea for Women

Ginger Tea & Your Period

Ginger tea is a wonderful, aromatic, natural pain reliever, and you may find that making and sipping some ginger tea (either hot or iced) provides soothing relief from menstrual cramps during that time of the month.

Ginger may have mild emmenagogue effects, which means that drinking ginger tea may stimulate blood flow in the uterus and pelvic area, and encourage menstruation when your period is a day or two late.

However, if you think your period is late because you could be pregnant, please avoid excessive amounts of ginger tea until you've paid a visit to your healthcare provider.

Ginger Tea for Women

Ginger Tea during Pregnancy

While some sources suggest that ginger should be avoided during pregnancy, other sources indicate that ginger is safe to consume during pregnancy in moderate amounts for short periods of time.

The University of Maryland Medical Center website recommends that expecting moms have no more than 1g ginger per day (from all sources combined), but please be sure to ask your healthcare professional about safe amounts of ginger and ginger tea for you and your little one during your pregnancy.

Recent research suggests that ginger is a natural, effective way to relieve the symptoms of morning sickness and the more serious 'hyperemesis gravidarum,' which is a condition involving serious nausea, dehydration, and vomiting during pregnancy.

Drop by our Ginger Tea during Pregnancy Research pages to learn more about current studies examining the effectiveness and safety of ginger tea as a remedy for morning sickness.

Your Ginger Tea Benefits

If you've experienced ginger tea's benefits for good health, why not share your story with our other readers? We'd love to hear about it! Click here to share your comments and opinions about ginger tea and its benefits for health and wellness. 

Little research has focused on the side effects of ginger tea for breastfeeding moms, so check with your healthcare provider about that, too, during your visit.

Ginger Tea for Women

Ginger Tea during Menopause

Ginger tea has so many amazing benefits for health and wellness, but, if you're in perimenopause or menopause and you love ginger tea, you may want to keep an eye on how drinking this tea affects you. Ginger tea is well-known for its exceptional warming properties, and some women find this tea an uncomfortable or even difficult combination with hot flashes.

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Ginger tea is not only a healthful, delicious beverage - this herbal tea has amazing topical benefits, as well, when added to a bath or used in a healing compress. But, before you sink into a relaxing ginger tea bath or apply a soothing ginger tea compress to achy joints or throbbing temples, browse through these precautions and potential risks associated with topical use of ginger tea.

If you've been looking for natural, safe alternatives to over-the-counter or prescription medications to help manage every day health concerns, aches, and pains, ginger tea may be a good choice for you. This powerhouse herbal tea provides so many health benefits, whether you enjoy it as a hot or cold beverage, added to a bath, or applied as a compress.

Just keep in mind, however, it's so important to be aware of any potential side effects of ginger tea and any other tea in your tea stash. Stay informed so you can make the best, safest choices for you and your family.

Red Clover Tea & Menopause

Red clover herbal tea is well-known for its ability to provide some additional support for the physical and emotional changes that can often accompany menopause.

And, don't forget that your herbal practitioner will have invaluable advice about choosing the best herbs and herbal teas for menopause.

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