What are Red Tea Benefits?

The answer to the question, "What are red tea benefits?", depends to a certain extent on where you live.

Red Tea or Black Tea?

If you live in China, 'red tea' is what Westerners call 'black tea.'

This tea (no matter whether it's 'red tea' or 'black tea' to you) is made from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis tea plant, which is found and cultivated in various parts of the world (such as China, Japan, India, and Africa). When the plant's leaves are harvested, they are dried and processed, resulting in a dark-colored, full-flavored tea.

Why the difference in names? Simple - while the Chinese refer to the color of the infusion (red), Westerners refer instead to the color of the dried tea leaves (black).

The Many Names of Rooibos Tea

In much of the world, the name 'red tea' has become synonymous with Rooibos tea (it's also called 'red Rooibos tea,' 'bush tea,' 'redbush tea,' and 'South African red tea'). Rooibos is an herbal tea or infusion made from the Red Bush, which grows in the wild in South Africa's Cedarberg Mountains. 

Rooibos Tea

Caffeine free and low in tannins, Rooibos is vibrantly colored and has a rich, sweet, fruity flavor that is delicious hot or iced.

Valued for centuries in South Africa for its many healing and medicinal properties (such as soothing colic in babies), Rooibos tea is becoming increasingly popular and well known around the world, thanks to its growing reputation as a healing tea that is rich in antioxidants (and for its wonderful taste, too!). Click here to learn more about this delicious, healthy tea.

Red Tea Benefits for Health

So, the health benefits of red tea are the same as either the health benefits of black tea or the health benefits of Rooibos tea, depending on what red tea is to you!

Here at The Tea Talk, 'red tea' will be used interchangeably with 'Rooibos tea' (except when it's Green Rooibos tea... but that's another story!). And the benefits of red tea will be the same as Rooibos tea benefits.

Rooibos Tea & You!

What has been your experience with Rooibos tea? Do you sip Rooibos tea to help you sleep better, feel calmer and more relaxed, or ease a headache? We'd love to hear your comments about Rooibos! Please share your thoughts and opinions with our other readers here.   

Either way, whether your 'red tea' is the red-hued, flavorful tea from the Camellia sinensis tea plant or the sweet, fruity, Rooibos herbal infusion from the wilds of South Africa, you are sure to have an intensely enjoyable (and healthful) tea-drinking experience!

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