Plum Deluxe Tea (A Review)

I was very happy to receive a lovely package of teas from Plum Deluxe Tea for review. Their Vista Blend, Self Care Blend, and Meadow Walk Herbal Teas were all so wonderful, I'm not sure I could choose a favorite amongst them!

As you can imagine, I'm fairly fussy about tea. ;) Organic, fair trade, a great shopping experience, a company I've researched and trust, and (of course) fragrant and delicious - these are things that matter to me as a tea purchaser and consumer, and Plum Deluxe Tea checks every one of these boxes and more. 

Plum Deluxe Tea - A Review | The Tea Talk

The flavor and aroma of each of their herbal teas I sampled were delightful (this is where fresh, handcrafted teas like Plum Deluxe really shine), and were a wonderful introduction to their wide range of teas

  • Vista Blend Herbal Tea - An enticing blend of honeybush tea, apricot, and lavender, Vista Blend is calming, yet uplifting. Naturally sweet, beautifully fragrant, and amazingly tasty served iced. 
  • Meadow Walk Herbal Tea - As a Newfoundlander, I'm a huge fan of all things blueberry, so the fantastic blueberry/lavender/rosemary/green Rooibos combination in Meadow Walk was a big hit with me! I find myself reaching for this tea at various times through the day, and it's always refreshing and inspiring. 
  • Self Care Blend Herbal Tea - I found this very special tea incredibly nurturing. With honeybush tea, elderberries, and apricots, its flavor is soothingly light and restorative. (If I absolutely had to choose a favorite amongst these teas, this healing herbal tea would be it.)

Our weather has been so varied here in Newfoundland this summer that I find myself steeping pots of hot tea one day, and guzzling iced tea the next. Plum Deluxe teas were perfect no matter what the temperature - deliciously soothing served hot, and completely refreshing and flavorful served over ice, as well. 

These teas made the entire tea-making process so pleasurable, too. Pretty packaging that's also practical (easy-to-open bags), and the fresh ingredients of their teas smell incredibly lovely and are so richly colorful, they're a joy to look at. Brewing instructions are clearly written on the label (thank you, Plum Deluxe!), and the tea descriptions provided on the package are almost as comforting as the teas themselves (e.g. choose Self Care Blend to "Feel energized, loved, and supported with this warming, healing blend of herbs," or Vista Blend, "This tea reminds us to slow down. Sometimes the best view is where we already are.")

Plum Deluxe Tea - A Review | The Tea Talk

I also love that Plum Deluxe teas are handcrafted. (If you're not quite sure what a "handcrafted" tea is, it means a tea that isn't processed in huge batches by machine - rather, using highest-quality ingredients, small batches of teas are meticulously blended by hand to produce the perfect combination and ratio of flavors. A work of art!) Choosing handcrafted means teas that are brimming with flavor, uniquely special blends, and supporting smaller businesses, as well.

Plum Deluxe has a Tea of the Month Club, too, which I've just joined, and I can't wait to receive my first package in the mail! (I know plenty of tea lovers who would think a membership to this club was the perfect gift for Christmas, Mother's or Father's Day, birthdays, and other occasions - wouldn't you?) 

More to Love about Plum Deluxe Tea

Additional benefits - the Plum Deluxe website is so easy to navigate, their blog is chock-full of interesting and informative articles, and they divert a percentage of their profits each year to the Plum Deluxe Philanthropy & Fellowship Fund.

We're often contacted here at The Tea Talk for recommendations about tea sources, and I will wholeheartedly point tea lovers towards Plum Deluxe Tea. Drop by their website (you'll find them at to browse through their tempting selection, and be sure to say hello from The Tea Talk! 

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