More about Making the Perfect Cup of Tea

Ahhh... there's nothing quite like the perfect cup of tea! If you've been a tea lover for a while, you probably already have your own tea ritual and a beloved tea stash... If you're new to tea, however, you may still be experimenting with tea, figuring out which type (or types) of tea you like best, and how to brew the perfect cup.

Whether you and tea know each other quite well or you're still getting to know this amazing beverage, the perfect cup of tea is definitely a matter of personal taste. 

Here are more tea things to consider when you're ready for your next cuppa or are longing for another refreshing glass of iced tea. (If you missed our first page about making tea, you'll find it here.)

Tea is made with water, so...

It's so simple, but we tend to forget that, when we enjoy that steamy cup or icy glass of tea, we're also drinking the water that tea was made with!

Perfect Cup of Tea

So, when you make your tea, be sure to use the freshest, cleanest water you possibly can. Not only will good-quality water improve the flavor and aroma of your tea, but you'll avoid any potential toxins or contaminants, as well. Learn more here about our common choices for water for tea, and how to make sure your water is as healthy as possible.

Your Tea's Journey to Your Cup

We're faced with so many choices now, when buying tea... It's a challenge (and can even be overwhelming) to know which tea to choose! Whether you're a tried-and-true black tea lover only or have been dabbling with a few different types of tea, it's important to consider where - and how - your tea was grown.

You'll often find news stories about this or that type of tea containing unacceptable levels of lead, pesticides, or other contaminants.

While these reports and studies can be very helpful and informative (and keep us safe), it's important to check the facts and find out who conducted and who funded the study before accepting the information as accurate. 

Know where your tea comes from, know how it was grown and processed, and be sure to buy a reputable brand or from a reputable seller to ensure your tea is high quality and doesn't contain anything toxic that could hurt you or your family.

And, you'll be amazed by the complex, absolutely delicious flavors of good-quality tea, too!

Kettle or Microwave for the Perfect Cup of Tea?

The best hot tea comes from water that has been boiled in a kettle, rather than heated in a microwave. While controlling the temperature of microwaved water can be tricky, kettles are designed to heat water evenly. This even heat produces the best-tasting, most aromatic tea and draws out tea's many beneficial properties, as well. For the perfect cup of tea, why not try a variable temperature kettle that will heat water to just the right temperature for different types of teas?  

Is Organic Tea Better?

That brings up another question... is organic tea the best choice?

Here are some of the ways that choosing certified organic teas provides many health benefits for you, and helps to protect our planet for future generations, too.

  • Certified organic teas are produced according to strict organic standards, which means that your teas won't have been grown, packaged, or processed using any harmful toxins or synthetic chemicals.
Perfect Cup of Tea
  • Certified organic teas are better for the Earth, too. Organic production is all about protecting, replenishing, and maintaining our environment, and organic growers and processors are required to use practices that will have the least possible impact on our planet.
  • Certified organic teas contain no genetically modified (GM) ingredients, because no GM products are allowed or approved by organic standards.

So, the next time you're picking up some tea from your grocery store, local tea shop, or favorite online store, why not give some thought to choosing an organic variety? Good for you, and good for our planet. 

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Your tea can only be as good and healthy as the ingredients it's made from, so make healthy, wise decisions when choosing and purchasing tea and for the water you use to make your tea, as well. And, let those ingredients shine by keeping recommended water temperatures and steeping times in mind for the tea type you've chosen.

But most important of all - the perfect cup of tea is what gives the most pleasurable taste, aroma, and experience for you! If you like your tea steeped more (or less) than recommended or absolutely adore a certain blend, do what you love, and enjoy your tea to the fullest!

More about Making Tea

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