Some Potential Peppermint Tea Side Effects & Precautions

As with any new tea, it's always a good idea to stay informed about any precautions and potential peppermint tea side effects before making this tea a part of your routine. 

Peppermint tea is brimming with wellness benefits and good taste and, because it's an herbal tea, it's natural to assume this tea has nothing but goodness in it for us. However, while peppermint tea is generally considered safe for most healthy adults, it's still important to ensure this tea is a good fit before adding it to our diet, especially in large amounts. 

Peppermint Tea Side Effects | The Tea Talk

Before brewing up a cup of peppermint herbal tea, keep these possible peppermint tea side effects and precautions in mind. 

Some General Precautions for Peppermint Tea

Overall, peppermint herbal tea is regarded as a safe, healthful beverage. Use your good common sense when drinking this (or any other) tea - use peppermint tea in moderation, don't consume tea that is harmfully hot, and have a chat with your trusted healthcare provider before you add any new tea to your diet in significant amounts or use any tea topically (in a tea bath or steam, for example). 

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Peppermint Tea Side Effects for a Therapeutic Steam

Much more than a beneficial beverage, peppermint tea can also support and encourage us when used topically. If you've been thinking of taking a nurturing peppermint tea steam, here are a few cautions to be aware of...

If peppermint tea is new to you, introduce it to your diet slowly and watch for any indications this tea may not agree with you (e.g. if it leaves you feeling headachy, makes you feel unsteady on your feet, brings a flush to your skin, or causes mouth sores).

If you experience any sort of unusual or unpleasant reaction after you've had peppermint tea or used it topically, avoid this herbal tea (your natural healthcare practitioner can help with allergy testing, if you believe you may have an allergy to peppermint). 

Please also ask your primary care provider about peppermint tea side effects and concerns if you are being treated for any condition or are taking any herbal remedies or medications (such as medication for diabetes, blood pressure, gallstones, or indigestion), as peppermint may interact with or affect the efficacy of these medications. 

If you have GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) or a hiatal hernia, keep in mind that, while some people indicate that peppermint tea can provide support in lessening the symptoms of GERD and hiatal hernia, others have found that drinking peppermint tea aggravates the heartburn and indigestion that can accompany these conditions.

Peppermint Tea Side Effects | The Tea Talk

Peppermint Tea for Moms and Kids

If you are expecting (or planning to fall pregnant), please avoid peppermint tea until you have asked your healthcare professional about peppermint tea for you. Some sources indicate that peppermint oil may have emmenagogue effects (meaning it may stimulate uterine blood flow). While peppermint tea has only a small amount of peppermint oil, please consult with your primary care provider before consuming or using this tea topically during your pregnancy.

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Peppermint tea is generally considered too strong for babies and small children, and may cause a burning sensation in the mouth. As such, please avoid giving peppermint tea to (or using it topically for) an infant or young child without consulting with your healthcare professional first. 

We love our herbal teas (including oh-so-fragrant peppermint tea), but, as with any food or drink, just because something is healthful and natural doesn't necessarily mean it's the best option for each of us. 

While peppermint tea can provide so much goodness for us as a beverage or when used topically, it's important to keep abreast of any peppermint tea side effects and precautions. Stay informed about this tea and the other teas in your tea stash, to ensure you're making good and healthful choices for you and your household. 

Grow Your Own Peppermint for Tea

If you'd love to start your own herbal-tea garden, peppermint is a wonderful herb to begin with. Get some helpful tips here for growing and harvesting your own peppermint for beautifully fresh herbal tea. 

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