Simple & Tasty Peppermint Tea Recipes

You'll find a quick, easy peppermint tea recipe here, whether you love your peppermint tea hot, iced, at room temperature, or even in a restorative peppermint tea steam. 

We love peppermint tea, not only for its enticing aroma and refreshing flavor, but also because this favorite herbal tisane is chock-full of benefits for wellness. From supporting the digestive and nervous systems to comforting a cold to freshening breath, peppermint tea can be an incredible helper in so many ways. 

Peppermint Tea Recipe | The Tea Talk

When you're ready to make some of this beneficial tea to enjoy as a beverage or for its topical support, here are some oh-so-simple peppermint tea recipes to get you started. 

Hot Peppermint Tea Recipe

To enjoy the many good things peppermint tea can provide, try this flavorful hot peppermint tea recipe. 

You'll need...

  • 1 peppermint teabag, 1 heaping teaspoon of dried loose-leaf peppermint tea, or a small handful (1 - 2 stalks) of fresh, blemish-free peppermint leaves 
  • 8 oz. (about 250 ml) fresh, delicious water, brought just to the boil
  • Optional additions to taste, such as honey or citrus

If you're harvesting your own fresh peppermint for tea, you'll find some tips here for harvesting, drying, and storing peppermint. 

To make the tea...

  1. If you're using fresh peppermint leaves, rinse the leaves well and then crush them slightly with your hands, the back of a spoon, or a mortar and pestle (this will help to release their lovely fragrance and wonderful beneficial oils).
  2. Add the teabag, loose-leaf tea, or fresh leaves to your favorite cup or mug. (If you're using loose-leaf tea or fresh leaves, an infuser or infuser mug is a great help.)
  3. Cool the just-boiled water slightly (herbal teas are best when steeped in hot, rather than boiling, water), and then add to your cup. 
  4. Cover and steep the fragrant peppermint tea for 5 to 10 minutes (herbal teas improve with longer steeping times - their flavor is enhanced and you'll enjoy their full benefits). Brew fresh leaves a minute or two longer than dried leaves or a teabag.
  5. Remove the teabag or tea leaves from your cup.
  6. Optional - Add extras of choice, such as some organic honey or a squeeze of lemon or lime (or both). 
  7. Enjoy! As you sip, don't forget to inhale deeply to enjoy peppermint's aromatherapy benefits, as well.
Peppermint Tea Recipe | The Tea Talk

Of course, this peppermint tea recipe is just a guideline. Depending on your taste preferences, you may decide to add more or less dried or fresh peppermint next time. It's up to you and your taste buds. 

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This recipe increases so well... and a fragrant, steamy pot of peppermint tea is wonderful to share with a girlfriend or your mom - or, of course, to savor yourself with a few chapters of a good book. So many wellness benefits, too - you can't beat this beautiful herbal tea. 

Why not try...

  • For a decadent treat, add a slice of orange, a dollop of whipped cream, and a cinnamon stir stick to hot peppermint tea. 
  • If you've been thinking of delving into the world of creating your own tea blends, peppermint tea is a wonderful tea to begin with. Why not get started simply and blend peppermint with chamomile for the ultimate in relaxation, or peppermint with ginger tea to soothe a troubled tummy? 

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If you don't like extreme temperatures in your beverages and tend to avoid iced or very cold teas, you'll appreciate peppermint tea. This lovely tisane is also thoroughly enjoyable and delicious served at room temperature.

Keep reading to find an iced peppermint tea recipe, as well as some tips and a recipe for a nurturing peppermint tea steam

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Peppermint has been celebrated for centuries for the many ways it can help and support us, and we continue to love and use this herb not only for promoting wellness, but also in culinary endeavors.

Why not steep some comforting, healthful peppermint tea today - you'll love this amazing herbal tisane hot, iced, or warm. And, before you enjoy some peppermint tea, drop by our Peppermint Tea Side Effects page to read up on some precautions and safe-use tips for this herbal tea. 

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