Peppermint Tea help with my irritable bowel syndrome

by Mason

First off I want to say what a fantastic read, well done, my experience with Peppermint Tea, I first read an article when I was researching on the internet about a condition I have suffered with for at least 20 years.

From the age of 13 I suffered from a condition called irritable bowel syndrome, this for me affected me in such a way whereby as soon as I had eaten it was a race to the loo, I had many tests tried many different medications and nothing seemed to work.

I was sent to see a dietician who suggested I try some natural herbal remedies of which took me to looking online.

I came across an article published by a Russian Doctor who had been running trials with some of his patients who themselves were fighting irritable bowel syndrome and the results were incredible, Peppermint Tea was outperforming drugs which had been formulated to help irritable bowel syndrome, that made no sense to me but had to try.

Many Many years ago I found a tea company online called The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company who were selling a selection of Peppermint loose teas and tea bags and the best way to describe the outcome of trying this tea is, I have not been to the doctors for many years with relation to irritable bowel syndrome and would not describe myself as having irritable bowel syndrome anymore. This was the tea I have been drinking for many years, highly recommend the tea and the company.



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