More Peppermint Tea Health Benefits

Peppermint tea health benefits - and the delicious, comforting taste of this amazing herbal tea - are good reasons to steep and savor a cup of peppermint tea! 

Here are more peppermint tea benefits for health and wellness (if you missed our first page about peppermint tea benefits, you'll find it here).

Relieve stress with peppermint tea

Peppermint tea is a soothing herbal tisane that will leave you feeling positive, relaxed, and refreshed.

Peppermint is well-known for its high menthol content, and peppermint tea's menthol, which is a very effective muscle relaxant, will help to calm you, too.

So, if you've had a stressful or active day and can't seem to settle down enough to sleep or even enjoy your evening, try a cup of peppermint tea. By soothing your troubled or busy mind and encouraging your muscles to relax, this tea will help you unwind in no time!

Your Peppermint Tea Benefits

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Ease a headache with peppermint tea

The calming effect of peppermint tea can also provide relief from a throbbing headache. Steep a cup of peppermint tea and sip the healing brew to relax tense muscles and settle a worrying mind.

Peppermint Tea Health Benefits

Peppermint tea's benefits for a headache don't stop there... This herbal tea can relieve pain when used topically and aromatherapeutically, as well! Gently bathe your forehead and temples in cooled peppermint tea (or with a warm, moist peppermint teabag) to ease your headache. If your headache is due to nasal or sinus congestion, steaming with peppermint tea is another effective, natural, calming way to clear congestion.

Find relief during that time of the month with peppermint tisane

Peppermint tea is a wonderfully helpful tea during your period. From easing the discomfort of menstrual cramps, to soothing an achy head and body, to relieving anxiety and fatigue, this cure-all tea is a simple, effective way to feel better quickly during that time of the month.

And, peppermint tea is a natural way to ease the bloating that often accompanies your period.

Comfort a cold with peppermint tea

Sipping some soothing peppermint tea when you're battling a cold can be so comforting... and the menthol in peppermint tea can provide other healing benefits, as well, when you're under the weather.

If your nose is stuffy or you're suffering from congestion in your sinuses, head, or chest, peppermint tea's menthol works to release that blockage. Not only can peppermint tea relieve the pain and pressure of sinus or chest congestion, but it can break up phlegm in your throat, as well.

Peppermint Tea Health Benefits

Fight bacteria, fungus, and viruses with peppermint tea health benefits

Peppermint tea may also provide antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal benefits.

Laboratory (test-tube) research indicates that peppermint may be an effective way to help fight certain types of bacteria, viruses, and funguses, such as the fungus Candida albicans and the Herpes simplex virus (HSV).

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Peppermint tea has many more benefits for health and wellness... keep reading here!

Peppermint tea soothes, refreshes, and heals - this powerful healing tea is chock-full of so many benefits for our health and wellness! Why not steep a steamy cup or pour an icy glass of peppermint herbal tisane today? Delicious... and you'll enjoy these many peppermint tea health benefits, too!

Peppermint Tea Potential Risks & Side Effects

Before you steep a cup of delicious, beneficial peppermint tea, pay a visit to our Peppermint Tea Side Effects page to ensure this tea is a good choice for you.

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