More Research about Peppermint Herbal Tea

Peppermint herbal tea can soothe a troubled tummy, relieve stress and anxiety, ease a headache, lessen the discomfort and symptoms of IBS, and much, much more.

Traditional wisdom has, for many years, told us about the many ways that peppermint is so very good for us, and now scientific research is backing what traditional herbal medicine has known and valued for so long.

Here is more current research about the benefits of peppermint for health and wellness (if you missed our first peppermint herbal tea research page, you'll find it here).

Peppermint as a treatment for IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

A 2010 Iranian study at the Tehran University of Medical Sciences looked at the relationship between peppermint and IBS.

The 90 participants in the study each had IBS and, during the eight weeks of the research, took either a peppermint-oil capsule or a placebo three times each day. Research results showed that peppermint was far more effective than the placebo in reducing - or even eliminating - the abdominal pain and discomfort typically experienced by those with IBS.

The peppermint-oil capsules used in this study were enteric coated and delayed release.

Your Peppermint Tea Benefits

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Interested in reading more? The research abstract can be found here.

Peppermint herbal tea

Another study targeting peppermint and Irritable Bowel Syndrome also found that peppermint oil can effectively reduce the pain associated with IBS.

This research, which was conducted in 2001 at the University of Missouri-Columbia in Columbia, Missouri, involved 42 children who had been diagnosed with IBS.

After two weeks of taking either enteric-coated peppermint-oil capsules or a placebo, 75% of the peppermint-oil group had markedly reduced IBS pain. Learn more about this study here.

A study at G d'Annunzio University in Chieti-Pescara, Italy, in 2007 regarding the effectiveness of peppermint oil in treating IBS also found that this powerful herb was significantly more effective than a placebo at improving the abdominal symptoms of IBS.

The 57 participants in this study, each of whom had been diagnosed with IBS, were treated with two enteric-coated peppermint oil capsules or placebos each day for four weeks.

Hot peppermint tea on a hot summer day?

We tend to choose iced teas to help us cool off in the summer. While iced peppermint tea is such a refreshing drink in the heat of a summer's afternoon, you may be surprised to find that weak hot peppermint tea may be just as - or even more - effective at helping you cool off on a hot day!

The peppermint-oil group experienced a substantial reduction in typical IBS symptoms, such as constipation, diarrhea, and abdominal bloating, pain, and discomfort.

The researchers in this study suggested that any previous studies targeting peppermint and IBS that demonstrated mixed results may have included study participants who did not actually have IBS, but rather suffered from other conditions (such as lactose intolerance or celiac disease) with symptoms similar to those of IBS.

Please click here to find the research abstract for this study.

Peppermint herbal tea

A 2005 review of 16 clinical studies about the effects of peppermint on IBS found that, in general, peppermint-oil capsules are a very effective choice for relieving pain and discomfort for IBS patients with non-serious diarrhea or constipation.

The reviewers also noted that side effects with peppermint-oil capsules were minor and short-lived, and included heartburn, as well as discomfort in the anal area.

The abstract for this review can be found here, if you're interested in reading more.

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If you missed our first page about peppermint tea research, you'll find it here. Or, if the research side of things isn't for you, and you'd rather just read about how very good peppermint herbal tea is for health and wellness (not only as a beverage, but when used topically, as well!), visit our Peppermint Tea Benefits page.

Why not brew a pot of delicious, aromatic peppermint herbal tea today? You can enjoy it hot right away, or chill it to enjoy over ice later. Either way, you'll feel its refreshing, calming effects, and be providing your body with a multitude of health benefits.

Are there any risks in drinking peppermint herbal tea?

Herbal teas are generally considered to be safe for healthy adults. But, as with any herbal remedy or tea, ask your herbal practitioner or healthcare professional if peppermint tea is a safe, healthy choice for you before you add this herbal tea to your diet in significant amounts. Learn more about possible side effects of peppermint tea here.

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