Nettle Tea Recipe for a Compress, Bath, and More

Now that you've tried a nettle tea recipe to enjoy as a hot or cold beverage, why not nurture your body even more with a nettle tea compress, bath, foot soak, or hair rinse? 

Teas and herbal tisanes are such smart, healthful additions to our diets and our days. And not just for how deliciously beneficial they are for us as hot and cold beverages, but also for the multitude of ways they can support and aid us when used topically. 

Nettle Tea Recipe for Compress, Bath, and More | The Tea Talk

Nettle tea is no exception! Chockfull of wellness benefits when consumed as a beverage, this tea is also incredibly restorative in a compress, bath, foot soak, or hair rinse. 

How to make a nettle tea compress

A nettle tea compress is such an easy and effective way to benefit from nettle tea's topical goodness. Apply a soothing nettle tea compress to soothe achy, swollen joints; alleviate uncomfortable skin conditions (such as eczema, skin rash, or acne); hinder a nosebleed; or ease itchy, tender insect bites.  

To make a nettle tea compress, brew 2 cups of strong nettle tea (you'll find a simple recipe for nettle tea here), pour into a large heatproof bowl, and let it cool until just warm to the touch. Then, submerge a soft cloth (cotton flannel or toweling works well) in the tea until the cloth is completely saturated. Remove the cloth from the bowl, squeezing out the excess tea. 

Visit our Topical Tea Recipes section for more tips and recipes for tea baths, compresses, foot soaks, and more. 

Now, gently apply the soothingly warm compress to the painful area (if you find the compress is too hot, let it cool for a bit longer before using). Relax, resting quietly, while the nettle tea compress soothes and restores your body. 

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Nettle tea for hair and scalp

Nettle is also well-known for its benefits for hair and scalp. From improving circulation (which promotes blood flow to the scalp and encourages hair growth), to reducing dandruff and excess hair oiliness, to boosting hair shine and softness, nettle tea is a natural, effective way to nurture our often-neglected or overlooked hair and scalp.

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To enjoy more benefits of nettle tea for hair health, massage cool nettle tea into your hair and scalp after shampooing, and then rinse well. You can also add nettle tea to your favorite shampoo, or even make your own Nettle Hair Mask

Nettle tea recipe for bathtime

You can enjoy the topical benefits of nettle herbal tea in a fragrant, comforting bath. Nettle tea baths can help to relieve rheumatism and arthritic aches and swelling, promote circulation, ease hemorrhoids, and improve skin concerns, such as rash, acne, and eczema. 

Prepare a nettle tea bath by steeping 2 cups of nettle tea, (try this nettle tea recipe), and adding the fragrant tea to your warm bath water. Swish to combine completely, check the water's temperature to ensure it's not too hot, and sink into your therapeutic nettle bath for comforting relief. Relax in the warm bath for at least 20 minutes. 

Nettle in Your Herbal Tea Garden

If you're considering starting your own herbal tea garden, why not include some stinging nettle? Not only will you benefit from the many ways nettle (as a tea or used topically) can promote wellness, but this plant is known to attract insects to your garden, too. It's also a wonderful companion plant, boosting production of vegetables and herbs around it, and adding lots of nutrients to your garden soil. 

After you've toweled off completely, wrap yourself up warmly in a cozy robe. Why not snuggle in bed with a cup of tea and a good book to stay toasty warm and extend your nettle tea bathtime benefits? 

Nurture yourself with a nettle tea foot soak

Nettle tea also makes a wonderfully nurturing foot soak. If your feet are feeling achy after a long day, or if you do a lot of sitting during the day and you'd like to boost circulation in your feet, treat yourself to a warm or cool nettle tea foot bath. Having a nettle tea foot soak is also very soothing if you're feeling headachy, and will revive and refresh you if you're feeling fatigued. 

Nettle Tea Recipe for Compress, Bath, and More | The Tea Talk

To enjoy a nettle tea foot bath, simply brew 1 - 2 cups of strong nettle tea and let it cool slightly (you'll find a nettle tea recipe here). Combine the tea with water in a foot basin or tub. For additional pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory, and relaxation benefits, add some Epsom salts to the foot bath as well, if you'd like. 

Then, all you need to do is relax in a comfy chair and slip your worn-out feet into the fragrant foot bath. 

After you've soaked your tired feet for about 20 minutes or so, towel them off gently and apply a nourishing lotion or cream before putting on soft, thick socks. Very comforting, especially before a nap or bedtime. 

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Versatile, beneficial nettle tea is far more than a tasty, healthful beverage - this herbal tea's topical benefits can improve physical and emotional wellbeing, too. A wonderful tea to add to your overall wellness plan. 

If you've loved this nettle tea recipe section and are ready to expand to making other teas (as beverages and for topical use), visit our Tea Recipes pages for more ideas and inspiration. 

As you and your family enjoy traditional and herbal teas, be sure to stay informed about the benefits and potential concerns about any teas you include in your daily routine. You'll find some precautions for nettle tea here, and your herbalist or naturopath is a great source for more information about benefits of nettle and other types of tea. 

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