More Nettle Tea Benefits

Let's look at more nettle tea benefits and the many good things this herbal tea can provide. (If you missed our first page about benefits of nettle tea, you'll find it here.)

Like the cheerful, determined dandelion, stinging nettle is another perennial flowering plant that many consider a frustrating and very unwelcome intruder in the garden or yard!

However (also like dandelion), nettle is a tremendously beneficial plant that can be used in so many ways to promote health and wellness.

If you've been thinking of adding nettle tea to your day, here are more healthful benefits this remarkable tea can provide...

Your Nettle Tea Benefits

Have you experienced the benefits of nettle tea firsthand? We'd love to hear about it! Click here to share your nettle tea story with other visitors to our site. 

  • Improve hair, scalp, and nail health with nettle tea. Not only will your scalp love nettle tea's ability to boost circulation (this enhances blood flow to the scalp and encourages hair growth), but the silica in nettle tea can also strengthen your hair and nails. If your hair is thinning, add some nettle tea to your daily routine to nurture and strengthen your hair. Nettle's astringent properties can help to ease scalp itchiness and lessen dandruff and excess oil in the hair and scalp, too. Learn more about amazing nettle tea benefits for hair health here. 
Nettle Tea Benefits | The Tea Talk
  • Nettle tea isn't just enjoyable and beneficial as a tasty beverage... it can provide your body with plenty of topical benefits, too. Apply a nettle tea compress or relax in a nettle tea bath to help with skin concerns, arthritic pain, bursitis, gout, back or neck pain, sore muscles, and even itchy, painful insect bites. And, nettle tea's anti-inflammatory, astringent, and pain-relieving properties may ease uncomfortable, swollen hemorrhoids (another very beneficial and convenient use for a nettle tea compress). 
  • Nettle may ease or prevent many of the symptoms of hay fever and seasonal allergies. Research suggests that nettle alleviates the amount of histamine the body produces when coming in contact with an allergen (like pollen), and so relieves the itching, congestion, and sneezing that typically accompany an allergic response. And, affordable, all-natural nettle tea won't leave you with bothersome side effects. During allergy season, enjoy a cup of nettle tea first thing in the morning or when hay fever or allergy symptoms first appear to stop them in their tracks.  
Nettle Tea Benefits | The Tea Talk
  • Nettle tea may provide relief from other respiratory conditions, too, such as a stubborn cough, a seasonal cold, or nasal or chest congestion. Nettle herbal tea may also help to ease mild asthma. 
  • This herbal tisane may also boost antioxidant levels and decrease blood sugar levels for those managing diabetes (but please talk to your healthcare provider about nettle tea benefits for your treatment plan if you have diabetes). 

Love my nettle tea benefits... but are there any risks?

Nettle tea is such a wonderfully beneficial herbal tea, but, if nettle tea is part of your day, be sure to stay informed about any potential cautions or side effects associated with nettle tea. Ask your trusted healthcare provider, and learn more here.

  • Struggling with an achy lower back, tendonitis, neck tension, or other disheartening pain? Nettle tea has effective pain-relieving properties that can ease the ache and get you feeling yourself again. If your day is spent desk-bound, why not keep some nettle teabags in your desk drawer at work and brew yourself a soothing cup when a tight neck, stiff hands, or strained back has you feeling sore, de-energized, or weary? 

We're not through yet... Keep reading to discover even more benefits of stinging nettle tea. 

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Lovely nettle tea is like a tonic for your entire body... this herbal tea will strengthen, nourish, and energize your body and mind.

Of course, nettle tea is a wonderful tea to enjoy at any time, but why not aim to add this herbal tea to your tea rotation in the spring and fall seasons, when your body could use a general detox and tonic?

And, of course, as with any new-to-you tea, ask your qualified herbalist or naturopath about nettle tea benefits and cautions for you. Learn more, too, about some nettle tea precautions on our Nettle Tea Side Effects page

The "sting" in stinging nettle

Nettle is so widespread that chances are you're already familiar with the stinging nettle plant (and the reason why it's called 'stinging' nettle...). Thanks to the tiny stingers that cover fresh nettle plants, contact between the plant and bare skin can cause very bad itching and inflammation (and even blisters). Not to worry, though - nettles lose their stinging chemicals once they are soaked, dried, or cooked. 

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