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by Logan
(Georgetown, KY)

I first began drinking tea when I was at a hotel. I asked to get some of that tea (Lipton's Black Tea). After a while, I started drinking tea regularly. I am currently 11 (Jan, 29, 2005 is my birth date). I started drinking tea regularly a couple months ago.
I am writing this during 5/25/2016, 7:53 EST

- Logan

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Thank you for sharing!
by: Della @ The Tea Talk

Logan, it's so great to hear from you, and thank you so much for sharing your black tea story with us! :)

You must really enjoy your black tea, to drink it regularly. Is Lipton's Black Tea still your favorite type of tea, or do you enjoy other black teas, as well?

We hear from people of all ages who love to drink tea... It's wonderful to hear from a young person who loves his tea, too! :)

Thanks very much again, Logan, for your black tea comments!

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