by Rose

Wondering what that is? It's a rare blood disease which makes you allergic to just about any kind of processed alcohol. Guess what most modern sleep aids contain at least some of?

After the passing of my mother in 2013, I struggled with HORRID life-affecting insomnia. Recently my poor MD, looking for something to help me, suggested that I try some various Chamomile tea blends.

From Honey Vanilla, to Chamomile Pineapple, I found all of them delicious. What's more, they worked like charms. My sleeping has become more regular, and functional.

I owe a lot to this great tea!

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Thank you so much for sharing!
by: Della @ The Tea Talk

Thank you so much for sharing your story, Rose! I'm very sorry to hear about your mother, and about the sleep difficulties you experienced afterwards!

But your positive experience with chamomile tea is such an encouragement - thank you for telling us how this amazing tea has helped and nurtured you! I'm so pleased to hear that your sleep has improved so much!

Thank you very much for sharing with us - your first-hand experience will be so helpful to many of our other readers. So many people struggle with insomnia and finding a natural and effective solution to help them sleep better...

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