Last resort to lower very high blood pressure

by Pat Palter
(Long Beach, CA. USA)

I have always had very high blood pressure. In fact, 2 years ago it got so high that I became so dizzy that I ended up going to the hospital.

While in the hospital I had MEI's of my head and was told I had a small stroke in the brain area along with extremely high BP. I was in the hospital for a week. My blood pressure came down a little but never to average or normal on many pills such as several blood pressure pills. My blood pressure going in was 180/115 as opposed to average 120/80. My walking was affected (stumbled) and the dizziness took months to go away. I was scared and miserable.

Up until a year ago I was seeing a specialist who gave me pill after BP pill to stabilize my BP with no success. The doctor finally told me, he can't do anything for me, he has tried everything.

I started researching on the computer about BP cures and ran up against hibiscus tea.

I was excited and decided that I would see if it indeed lowered blood pressure. It has many other benefits as well. A physical was coming up at work for health care insurance qualification. Believe it or not my blood pressure was normal (great) I couldn't believe it. For so long and medication my BP pressure never moved but with this tea my BP dropped. (So excited) I drink it all the time now. 2 cups a day. It has no caffeine, totally natural.

I am telling anyone and everyone about my amazing discovery. Thank You.

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Thanks so much for sharing!
by: Della @ The Tea Talk

Leon, thank you so much for sharing your comments, too! :)

Hibiscus super
by: Leon

Hibiscus is super. In addition eggplant helps lower bp eggplant in chunks in a bottle of filtered water overnight and drink as regular water and check your bp afterwards

Looking forward to hearing your future comments!
by: Della @ The Tea Talk

Hi, Pete - Thank you so much for your comments and for sharing your experiences with us! We're looking forward to hearing about your experience with hibiscus tea!

How long before Hibiscus tea to work?
by: Pete S.

My story is just about the same!
Dr. Gave up after many tried to find a blood pressure med that helps me without breathing problems. The last one made me so dizzy I could hardly stand up.
I am on Metoprolol 50 MG ER still with a water pill and Spironactone 25 mg. and ready to drop Norvasc 5 mg after second time trying to use it. Did not do anything except maybe
Interact with the Metoprolol, while bp is now running up to
180/56 at night , have a pacemaker, heart rate 60 .
Starting Hibiscus tea tonight .
Will let you know if successful on this site.

is it safe to use for long use of hibiscus tea
by: Elma

i am on high blood medication lisinopril but it gaves me awful side effects, i try to find something to lower my blood pressure and i come accross in youtube that hibiscus tea is good, i am drinking for 3 days now but i want to ask if it is safe for prolonge used. thank you.

Thank you for sharing with us!
by: Della @ The Tea Talk

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us, Pat! It sounds as if you've gone through so much with high blood pressure over the years, and I'm so very glad to hear that you're doing so much better now! What an amazing journey!

Hibiscus tea is such a wonderful tea, with so many health benefits, as you've mentioned - and, fortunately, it's delicious, too!

Thank you for being willing to share your comments and experiences with hibiscus tea with us - I know your story will really benefit our other readers!

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