Iced Tea Tips for the Perfect Glass of Iced Tea

Here are some iced tea tips for making the very best glass or pitcher of refreshing, delicious iced tea.

Whether you are in the middle of the chilly winter months and iced tea season is still a few (long) months away, or you are already luxuriating in the rejuvenating warmth of summer, you are probably eagerly looking forward to your next glass of lovely iced tea...

Iced Tea Tips | The Tea Talk

While it may be tempting to just pick up a bottle or two of ready-made iced tea, making your own iced tea is so quick, easy, and rewarding, and the taste and wellness benefits are incredible. The flavor combinations and recipe variations are endless with homemade iced tea, so you'll never tire of this revitalizing, healthful beverage.

Tips & Tricks for Making Perfect Iced Tea

Whether you're starting with loose-leaf or bagged tea; brewing black, green, herbal, or your own special iced tea concoction; making a frosty glass just for you or enough iced tea for a big party on the deck this evening, keep these iced tea tips in mind to ensure you'll be enjoying the very best iced tea.

  • The general rule of thumb is to use about twice as many teabags or twice as much loose-leaf tea when you're brewing tea to enjoy iced, rather than hot. This will guarantee the tea is strong enough to hold its wonderful flavor and aroma when you've chilled it and added ice.

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  • Plan to make only as much iced tea as you will drink within the next day or two. Older iced tea just doesn't have the same freshness and flavor.
  • Use fresh, clean, good-quality water so you will only taste and smell delicious, beneficial tea. Learn more here about choosing better water for tea.

"Iced tea is too pure and natural a creation not to have been invented as soon as tea, ice, and hot weather crossed paths."
-John Egerton 

  • When making iced tea, remember to cover your tea while it's steeping (to hold in all of those beneficial properties).
  • If you're planning to sweeten your tea (say, with sugar or honey), consider adding the sweetener to the hot tea (rather than later, when the tea is chilling or chilled). This will ensure the sweetener will fully dissolve.

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  • Sometimes iced tea can appear a bit cloudy. To avoid cloudy iced tea, make sure, after steeping the tea, to cool it completely at room temperature before chilling and adding ice. If you do end up with cloudy iced tea, try stirring a cup of just-boiled water into the pitcher of tea - this may help to remove the cloudiness.
  • Sweet or savory flavored iced cubes add a special touch and additional flavors and textures to iced tea. Freeze fresh lemonade, limeade, or another liquid into ice cubes, and adding a mint or basil leaf, a small piece of fruit, or a bit of lemon or lime rind to each ice cube is a pretty, tasty, and thoughtful touch.

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Iced Tea Tips | The Tea Talk

Get more tea-making tips here. And, if you're loving iced tea right now, drop by our Yummy Iced Tea Recipes Pinterest board for lots of iced tea tips and ideas, and you'll find more recipes in our Tea Recipes section, too. For a revitalizing change, how about making some Tea Pops or a delectable, healthful Tea Smoothie

If you've been thinking of making your own iced tea or have very recently ventured into the world of homemade iced tea, you'll find that making iced tea is so simple, and iced tea made from scratch is absolutely delicious, as well. And, homemade iced tea is chock-full of tea's benefits for physical, mental, and emotional wellness, too.

Once you've made your own perfect glass of iced tea, you'll never want to go back to buying ready-made.

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