How to Make Yerba Mate

If you've been wondering how to make yerba mate, here are some tips and guidelines for brewing some of this nourishing, healthful herbal tea. 

Whether you'd like to learn more about making mate the 'traditional' way, are interested in trying iced mate, or are craving a steamy yerba mate latte, you'll find a recipe here.

This is such a powerhouse tea, and so very beneficial for physical, mental, and emotional health in a multitude of ways! Steep a cup of mate using this simple recipe, and then drop by our Yerba Mate Benefits pages to browse through the many ways this tea supports good health. 

How to make yerba mate tea

Yerba mate is a very versatile beverage. It's easily made with simply a mug and teabag, with loose tea leaves and an infuser or French press, even with a coffee or espresso machine.

Delicious hot, iced, or in a latte, served with your favorite extras (like sweetener, milk, or a slice of lemon or orange), yerba mate is not only healthful, but completely adaptable to your taste buds and mood, too.

How to Make Yerba Mate

Making mate the traditional way is a wonderfully healthy way to experience this herbal tea (you can find a recipe for making mate using a mate cup and mate straw here). But, if you'd rather make and enjoy your mate as you do other teas - made from loose leaves or a convenient, comforting teabag, and then enjoyed in your favorite cup or handy travel mug, try this simple yerba mate recipe, instead. 

You'll need...

  • One yerba mate teabag or 1 - 2 heaping teaspoons loose-leaf yerba mate tea (or according to package directions)
  • 8 oz. fresh, delicious water, brought just to the boil (you'll find some tips for choosing the best water for tea here)
  • Optional additions to taste, such as sweetener, citrus, cinnamon, chocolate, milk, or mint

To make the tea...

  1. Add the teabag or loose-leaf tea to your favorite cup or mug (an infuser or infuser mug works wonderfully for loose-leaf tea!).
  2. Cool the just-boiled water slightly (160 - 180F / 71 - 82C), and then add to your cup.
  3. Cover your mate (to retain all those beneficial properties), and let it steep for 3 to 8 minutes.
  4. Remove the teabag or loose tea leaves.
  5. Optional:  Add your favorite extras, like sweetener, citrus, or mint, if you wish.

Some tips for using loose-leaf tea

A strainer or an infuser mug works wonderfully for making loose-leaf tea or, if you'd rather leave your loose yerba mate in your cup, why not enjoy your mate with a bombilla? (A 'bombilla' is a straw with a filtered end that keeps tea leaves out.) Drop by our Traditional Yerba Mate Recipe page for some tips on using a bombilla when making and drinking mate.

Now... take a sip, relax, and just let your body and mind enjoy the many benefits this healthy tea can provide!

You can also prepare your mate in a French press, coffee maker, or espresso machine. Just replace your usual coffee with loose yerba mate (adjust the proportions suggested above), and make your mate as you would coffee.

It's so easy to increase this recipe - simply multiply the ingredients proportionately (with an extra teaspoon of tea or teabag for the pot) to make a nice big pot of mate to enjoy with a good friend or a good book for the afternoon. Some self-nurturing time!

Keep in mind, too, that mate is slightly more bitter tasting than teas from the Camellia sinensis tea plant (such as green and black teas). So, if you find mate on its own to be too strong for your tastes, try adding some favorite extras, like mint, citrus, vanilla, chocolate, or a flavored syrup to your yerba mate. 

Or, enjoy mate as you would your coffee, with a dash of milk, a sprinkle of cinnamon or a cinnamon stick, and your favorite sweetener, like organic honey, molasses, or coconut sugar. Yum!

How to Make Yerba Mate

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Now that you know how to make yerba mate, be sure to carry on and visit our other Yerba Mate Recipe pages... You'll find a recipe for Iced Yerba Mate, a Yerba Mate Latte, and how to make mate in a more traditional way.

Why not try...

  • Make yerba mate with warm milk for kids
  • For an adult version, add a dash of your favorite liqueur to hot mate
  • Keep a French press on hand just to use for your herbal teas - such an easy way to bring out the fullest flavor and health benefits of herbal teas, and to experiment with combining different teas for your own special blend, too!

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