Hibiscus Tea

by Valerie

Our office ordered teas from our supplier. Trying to find a caffeine free choice, I ordered Hibiscus. I used four tea bags and a 16 ounce cup. I drank the tea every morning for about a three month period as of today.
Yesterday, I went to the closet where I placed clothes that were too tight. I wanted to see how much weight I needed to lose to get back in a few pantsuits. I tried the pants on and they were loose! I immediately thought .. I am sick! I am losing weight with no explanation. Extremely concerned when most would be celebrating, all kinds of things went through my mind.
Then I thought, THE TEA it works! Six pounds in three months it seems. That's a dress size for me. I put my pantsuit on yesterday. At work people over and over again said... you look little in pants, I didn't know you were that small. I am thinner all over and drinking my delicious tea now.

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