Hibiscus Flower Tea - Tart, fragrant, colorful... and incredibly good for us, too

Hibiscus flower tea is an herbal tea (aka herbal "tisane") enjoyed hot or chilled in many countries around the world. Not only is this tea a delightful and effective thirst quencher (especially the iced version), but it also has a rich, varied history in traditional medicine.

To make hibiscus tea, the dried magenta- or crimson-colored calyces of the lovely Hibiscus sabdariffa flower are steeped in just-boiled water. (Learn more below about beneficial calyces.)

Hibiscus Flower Tea | The Tea Talk

This tea is prepared in a variety of ways around the world - it may be served hot or iced; mixed with fruit, fruit juices, or alcohol (such as rum, wine, or beer); or enhanced with herbs or spices (such as mint, ginger, cinnamon, allspice, or cloves). As hibiscus tea has a tart flavor, it is typically sweetened before serving.

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Over 300 varieties of hibiscus have been identified, but the Hibiscus sabdariffa and Hibiscus rosa-sinensis varieties are especially known for their wellness benefits. 

Even though, for many of us, the beautiful hibiscus flower brings to mind visions of the Hawaiian Islands, the hibiscus plant is actually native to Africa. A member of the mallow family, hibiscus thrives in tropical and sub-tropical climates, and it is now also cultivated in Jamaica, Mexico, Thailand, Taiwan, China, Sudan, Senegal, Tanzania, Mali, and Egypt.

You may know vibrantly colored hibiscus flower tea by another name, depending on where you live. Hibiscus tea is also known as "sour tea," "roselle" or "rosella," "sorrel" or "red sorrel," "flor de Jamaica" or simply "Jamaica," "karkade," or "Sudan tea."

Not only is hibiscus tea a calming, delicious, versatile beverage, but it also has a reputation as an effective wellness tea.

In various parts of the world, hibiscus flower tea is appreciated for helping to reduce high blood pressure, lower body temperature, support a healthy weight, promote liver health, encourage regularity, support healthy sleep, soothe skin irritations, for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, and as a diuretic.

Making Hibiscus Flower Tea

You'll love how versatile hibiscus tea can be! Why not add a favorite fruit juice or summery wine (for an adults-only version) to iced hibiscus tea? Some fresh herbs or fruit can also be a lovely addition to iced hibiscus tea. Or, try brewing hot hibiscus tea with aromatic spices. 

Recent research about hibiscus tea benefits has focused primarily on how this tea may support healthy blood pressure and healthy blood sugar levels. Learn more here about the many wellness benefits this aromatic, satisfying tea can offer. 

Hibiscus Flower Tea | The Tea Talk

Fragrant, revitalizing, and thirst-quenching, hibiscus flower tea can be so very good for us. For more about hibiscus tea, drop by our Hibiscus Tea Pinterest board.

And, before enjoying some of this refreshing herbal tisane, be sure to read up on any safe-use tips and precautions associated with this tea, and have a chat with your natural health physician about hibiscus tea for you. 

You + Hibiscus Tea Benefits

If you have a story to share about hibiscus tea and its benefits for wellness, we'd love to hear it! Click here to share your hibiscus tea story and comments (and see what other visitors have to say about this healthful tea, too).  

Hibiscus is an extremely popular ingredient in tea blends and, if you haven't tried hibiscus tea yet, you'll have no problem at all finding a wonderful hibiscus tea or tea blend in your favorite local or online tea shop. You're sure to love this tasty, healthful tea!

What are "Calyces?"

A "calyx" (plural "calyces" or "calyxes") is the name given to all of a flower's sepals together (sepals are the leaf-like part of the flower that encloses the developing flower bud). The calyx provides protection for the flower before it opens and, once the flower has bloomed, the calyx can still be seen at the flower's base. Calyces are most often green, but can be found in other colors, as well - such as the vibrant crimson or magenta calyces of the hibiscus flower.

Calyces contain very high levels of vitamin C and antioxidants, and have been used in traditional medicine for many years for various wellness issues and for supporting health and well-being.

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