More Health Benefits of Herbal Tea

Usually, thinking of the health benefits of herbal tea brings to mind how these delicious, refreshing beverages can help to ease or relieve all sorts of physical ailments (like encouraging a sound sleep, boosting sluggish digestion, or easing achy arthritic joints). 

But... beneficial herbal teas can enrich emotional, mental, and spiritual health in countless ways, too. Even the soothing ritual of pouring hot water over a favorite loose or bagged tea and quietly waiting while it steeps can bring a few moments of blissful calm into a busy day. 

More Favorite Herbal Teas

The beautiful simplicity of herbal teas makes them so easy and pleasurable to add to our daily routine! Enjoyed hot, iced, in a tea latte, or even in a nourishing tea smoothie, herbal teas are a stress-free way to add some goodness to our diet and boost health.

Here are more best-loved herbal teas that can encourage and support wellness (if you missed our first page of favorite herbal teas and their benefits for good health, you'll find it here). 

Health Benefits of Herbal Tea | The Tea Talk

Dandelion Tea

This colorful little flower - although considered by many to be a bothersome weed - is actually bursting with vitamins and minerals. Dandelion tea is so delicious made from scratch using the plant's leaves, flowers, or roots, or any combination of these. This tart herbal tea provides many health benefits - it can gently cleanse the liver, ease constipation, stimulate digestion, reduce fluid retention, and relieve the pain and swelling of arthritis. Add some dandelion tea to your bath to enjoy this tea's topical benefits. 

Echinacea Tea

Echinacea's remarkable ability to stimulate the immune system to combat disease and infection make this herbal tea a very effective cold and flu fighter. Add some Echinacea to your day to help prevent cold and flu, or to reduce the severity and duration of a cold or infection you already have. 

Color Teatime to Stress Less!

Herbal teas can be so beneficial for emotional and social health, too! Why not get together with some friends for a Tea Coloring Party? Brew a pot or two of one (or a few) of these deliciously beneficial herbal teas, and enjoy our Color Teatime Coloring Book as you visit, sip tea, and color away - and leave the stresses of the day behind!

Fennel Tea

Choose fennel tea, a digestive powerhouse, to ease bloating or acid reflux (fennel is in the same family as dill, which is another beneficial digestive herb). Fennel tea can provide additional benefits, too, such as relieving sinus problems or respiratory symptoms related to illness, and soothing a cough or sore throat. Naturally sweet fennel tastes like licorice, yet it contains no sugar. If you like the aroma and taste of licorice candy, you will love fennel tea! Fennel tea is so easy to make from scratch using fennel seeds, too. 

Ginger Tea

Another herbal tea that is easy to make from scratch, oh-so-warming ginger tea is the perfect drink when you're feeling chilled or think you may be coming down with a cold. Ginger tea also stops nausea in its tracks, eases the pain of arthritis and rheumatism, lowers cholesterol, and can help with weight loss. You'll enjoy ginger tea's many topical benefits, too. 

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Ginkgo Tea

With its ability to enhance brain function, improve concentration, stimulate the nervous system, and combat feelings of fatigue, ginkgo tea is the ideal herbal tisane to enjoy before going to work, exercising, or tackling a challenging task. 

Ginseng Tea

Ginseng tea is a natural way to stimulate vitality, lessen fatigue, and slow the aging process. This flavorful tea enhances mental focus and improves memory, alertness, and concentration. Another immune system booster, ginseng also reduces stress and encourages relaxation. 

There are many more favorite herbal teas... Keep reading here to learn more about health benefits of herbal tea. 

Health Benefits of Herbal Tea | The Tea Talk

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When you're first getting to know herbal teas, it may feel overwhelming to choose amongst the seemingly countless options of teas and tea blends, let alone teabags or loose tea, which brands, organic or not, and so on. 

But, it's perfectly all right to keep things very simple, especially when you're just starting with tea! 

Choose one or two herbal teas that appeal to you - the aroma, for example, or a tea that targets the particular health benefits of herbal tea you're looking for (like a sleepy-time or cold-fighting herbal tisane). Then, when (or if) you're ready, simply repeat to find another couple of herbal teas to add to your tea stash. 

Brew a soothing cup and enjoy the health benefits of herbal tea!

Drop by our Tea Recipes page for some tips on making the best cup (or pot) of herbal tea. You'll find tea recipes for hot, iced, topical use (like lovely tea baths and steams), and more. 

So many health benefits of herbal tea... But are there any risks? 

Herbal teas can support good health and wellness, but, as with any new food or beverage you're thinking of adding to your (or your family's) day, always use good common sense with herbal teas. 

Read up on any new herbal teas, and be sure to check with your herbalist or another trusted healthcare provider before taking therapeutic amounts of any herbal tea to help manage any illness or health condition. This is especially important if you are taking any prescription or over-the-counter medications, are being treated for any health concern or disease, or are pregnant or breastfeeding. 

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