More Research targeting the Health Benefits of Chamomile Tea

You won't regret getting to know the many health benefits of chamomile tea!

With the rising costs of healthcare in many parts of the world and the potential risks and side effects that can accompany many prescribed medications and treatments, it's no wonder that more and more of us are searching every day for natural, safe, effective alternatives to help manage a variety of health concerns.

Herbal teas have been respected for thousands of years for their ability to help and heal us, and one of the most impressive herbal tisanes is chamomile.

Current research targeting chamomile tea is confirming its long list of powerful benefits - read on to learn more!

Ease and end diarrhea with chamomile tea

A 1997 German study of children with acute diarrhea found that chamomile can reduce the duration of diarrhea.

The 79 children involved in the study, who ranged in age from 6 months to 5 1/2 years, were divided randomly into two groups. One group was given a chamomile extract/apple pectin preparation, while the other group was given a placebo. 

Each treatment was accompanied by a normal rehydration diet.

The parents of the children recorded the children's condition twice daily.

After 3 days of treatment, far more children in the chamomile extract/apple pectin group had recovered from their diarrhea (33 of 39) than those in the placebo group (23 of 40). 

Bottle with chamomile tea for baby

Also, the chamomile/pectin group experienced more continuous improvement during the 3 days of treatment, and the parents of the chamomile/pectin group expressed their satisfaction with the treatment far more often than the parents of the placebo group.

You can find the research abstract for this study here. 

Chamomile tea for baby's colic

Chamomile tea has long been known as an effective remedy for colic.

In a 2007 research study targeting chamomile tea and colic, 68 colicky (but otherwise healthy) infants, aged 2 to 8 weeks, were randomly divided into two groups.

During the study, with each bout of colic, each baby in the first group was given up to 150 ml (about 2/3 cup) of an herbal tea blend containing German chamomile, verbena, fennel, balm mint, and licorice. In the second group, each baby was given up to 150 ml of a placebo beverage for each bout of colic. (Each baby received treatment no more than 3 times each day.)

Mum feeding baby chamomile tea

After 7 days of the treatment, the babies' parents reported that the herbal tea completely eliminated colic in 57% of the babies in the first group, while the placebo was helpful in relieving colic in only 26% of the babies in the second group. 

You can read more about this study here.

Chamomile tea and cancer research

Early research targeting chamomile's effect on cancer cells indicates that this herbal tea may also have cancer fighting and prevention properties.

Laboratory studies have found that certain chemicals in chamomile can effectively slow the spread and shorten the lifespan of certain cancer cells (including breast, skin, ovarian, prostate, and leukemia cancer cells).

Interested in learning more? You can read more about chamomile's effect on leukemia cancer cells here and the effect of chamomile on various other cancer cells here

Chamomile Tea Benefits & You!

Are you a fan of chamomile tea and its health benefits? We'd love to hear about your experience with chamomile tea! Click here to share your story (and read what others have said about chamomile tea, too).

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For years, chamomile tea has been the choice of many, thanks to its reputation as a medicinal cure-all for many health concerns, such as menstrual cramps, colic, colds, anxiety, and stress.

Safe, readily available, fragrant, and delicious, this herbal tisane is good in so many ways for physical, mental, and emotional health. Why not brew yourself a cup today and enjoy the many health benefits of chamomile tea?

With all of the health benefits of chamomile tea, does it have any risks?

As with any new herbal tea you're considering adding to your tea repertoire or giving to your baby or child, it's so important to be aware of any cautions and possible risks associated with chamomile tea. Learn more on our Chamomile Side Effects page.

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