Has Improve My Health

by Jeana Tedder
(McAllen, Texas USA)

Hello, my name is Jeana. I am a very strong believer in this wonderful flower name Hibiscus, why do you asked that from me. Well, for the past 5 years I have been drinking this tea. I was told by a lady who sells it that will help your complexion and health.

Well, I look for this flowers for several months and could not find it, the lady also told me how it was called in Spanish, but still I could not find the drink.

So one day at my food store, I come across this package. So I started to read the back of the package and I saw it was made out of hibiscus leaves. So I bought the package and I started to drink it.

And Love the way the hibiscus tasted, so I continue to buy more of the hibiscus juice.

Last year I came down with gallbladder stone and I remember my own mother cure herself by drinking apple juice, well, I had to go to the hospital because it got so bad. The doctors was so surprise why I did not have any cholesterol at all. One of the doctors asked me what I was taking, I told him I was drinking Hibiscus, and I been drinking for the past 4 years. He told me, wow, you have no cholesterol at all. Yes, that mean the bad and the good kind of cholesterol.

Yes, there is an increase of urination involved. But over all I love it. I have lost weight, my skin looks like I have not age at all. I do not have any cholesterol at all, I can think better.

And I also have my kids drinking hibiscus, we would rather drink the hibiscus over any soda.

I recommend this tea to anyone who is having any form of problems within their body. I have recommend it to a very good friend of mine who is having problem with weight. Does this tea works like you say it does, Oh yes it does. I am well from my gallbladder stone, but I continue to drink the Hibiscus tea all the time.

Jeana Tedder

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