Treat Yourself to a Soothing Green Tea Steam

Enjoy a relaxing green tea steam to pamper your complexion, lift your spirits, and appreciate the health and beauty benefits of green tea!

Those of us who love facials adore how wonderful a facial steam can be for the complexion - softer, firmer skin; smaller, cleansed pores; and more relaxed, stress-free facial muscles!

Steaming with green tea offers additional benefits for skin wellness, thanks to the potent anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties found in this amazingly healthful tea. (You can learn more about green tea benefits for skin here.)

Recipe for a Green Tea Steam

After a green tea steam, your skin will glow, and it will look and feel smoother, softer, and younger! Here is a recipe for a wonderfully soothing and beneficial green tea facial steam. 

You'll need...

  • 4 - 5 cups just-boiled, clean, fresh water
  • A large lidded bowl or pot, or use a facial steamer, which heats and releases steam directly onto your face during your lovely green tea steam
  • 2 - 3 teaspoons dried loose green tea, or 2 or 3 green teabags
  • A large, clean bath towel
  • A kitchen timer (or some other sort of timer)
  • Optional - a box of tissues nearby is a good idea! :)

When you're ready to steam...

Place the bowl on a stable table or countertop, where you'll be able to sit comfortably (and safely) and relax during your facial steam. Pour in the hot water, and then add the loose green tea or teabags. Cover the bowl and leave the tea to steep and cool for a few minutes.

Meanwhile, prepare your skin for the tea steam by removing any makeup with a gentle cleanser. 

Your Green Tea Benefits!

What do you think of green tea? Is healthy, delicious green tea a regular part of your day? We'd love to hear your comments and opinions about green tea! Click here to share your thoughts with other visitors to our site. 

And, if you have longer hair, you may want to pin it back from your face with a hair clip or headband. 

When the tea is steamy and still quite warm (but not so hot that it may burn your delicate facial skin!), set the timer for 5 to 10 minutes (if your skin is quite sensitive or inflamed, you may find that a shorter steam is better for you). 

Drape the bath towel over your head and form a tent around the bowl, too, to trap in the steam. If you find the steam feels uncomfortably hot on your skin, let the tea cool for a few more minutes first.

Green Tea Steam

If you're using a facial steamer, you won't need to use a towel to trap in the steam. You can simply strain the tea, pour the recommended amount into the facial steamer, and then enjoy your beauty steam according to the instructions provided with the steamer.

Close your eyes (and be sure to keep them closed) and relax over the steam, keeping your face a few inches away from the tea.

If you need a breath of cool air during the steam, simply lift the towel, take a couple of deep breaths and let your skin breathe for a moment or two, and then lower the towel again. You may find, as well, that you need to lift your head occasionally to blow your nose, as the steam releases any nasal congestion, too.

You can continue steaming until the timer goes off or, if you begin to feel uncomfortable or too hot, either remove the towel and continue with your facial steam, or end your green tea steam early. 

Rinse your face with cool, fresh water, and gently pat your face dry. Apply your favorite toner to ensure any residual dirt or debris is removed from your pores, and then gently apply a soothing, nurturing moisturizer.

Why not include a green tea steam in your at-home skincare regime once or twice a month? You'll enjoy all of the benefits of a facial steam, without having to leave home (and so much better for your pocketbook, too!).

And, choosing all-natural products (such as green tea) when caring for your skin minimizes the risk of reactions and side effects, and protects you against the harmful ingredients found in many skincare and body-care products today.

Although we tend to think of teas and herbal tisanes first as delicious, refreshing, naturally healing beverages, their benefits don't end there - teas can provide amazing topical benefits, too!

Please keep in mind...

Remember, not every tea or herbal tisane is the best (or safest) choice for each of us. Before adding a green tea facial steam to your skincare routine, check with your healthcare provider or dermatologist to ensure this facial steam is a good choice for you. (This is particularly important if you have sensitive or inflamed skin, troublesome acne, or asthma or other breathing concerns.) 

And, please do not give a green tea facial steam to your infant or child without consulting with your healthcare provider first. 

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