Green Tea Skin Benefits

Green tea skin benefits are another reason to love this healthful tea. Green tea is a wonderful way to nourish your skin inside and out - not only does this incredible tea provide many benefits for skin when enjoyed as a beverage, it can also enhance skin health and beauty when applied topically. 

For many years, people have turned to teas and herbal tisanes not only for improved physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing, but for cosmetic reasons, too. If you've been wondering about green tea skin benefits and whether this tea might be a good addition to your skincare routine, here are some of the ways green tea can support and beautify skin. 

Skin Benefits from Topical Use of Green Tea

  • Improve the appearance of skin - Green tea can leave skin appearing healthier, smoother, and more radiant, thanks to its beneficial vitamins C, B2, and E (which foster skin health) and EGCG (a polyphenol that hinders oxidative stress and inflammation). 
Green Tea Skin Benefits | The Tea Talk
  • Calm inflamed skin and reduce acne - With its effective antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, green tea can aid in soothing inflamed skin. Studies show that topical application of green tea may also reduce acne and alleviate excessive skin oiliness.
  • Diminish scarring - Green tea's nourishing vitamins and powerful antioxidants may assist in minimizing scarring. Research has shown that green tea can help to rejuvenate skin, too. 

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  • Reduce under-eye swelling and discoloration - The anti-inflammatory properties of green tea - along with its tannins and caffeine - can be an effective remedy for swelling (like puffy eyes). Those wonderful vitamins in green tea also target and lighten dark under-eye circles. 
  • Lessen the effects of aging - Green tea's antioxidant properties work to slow or reduce the visible signs of aging (such as fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of skin elasticity). Include green tea in your skincare regimen to brighten, smooth, and tighten skin. 
  • Protect against sun damage - Antioxidant-rich green tea aids in protecting skin from UV rays, and, if your skin already has some sun damage, topical use of green tea may promote reparation of that damage. 

Green Tea Compress for Under-Eye Puffiness and Circles

Cold, used green teabags make convenient and effective under-eye compresses. Simply put your used green teabags in the fridge for half an hour to chill, and then place over your eyes for about 10 minutes to lighten discoloration and calm puffiness. 

Drink Up for Even More Green Tea Skin Benefits

Powerhouse beverage green tea promotes wellbeing in countless ways, from supporting heart health and cognitive function to lessening the risk of chronic disease. And, consuming green tea regularly can also benefit skin appearance and wellness. 

Green Tea Skin Benefits | The Tea Talk

Green tea's major polyphenol, EGCG, helps to keep skin healthy and youthful by fighting inflammation and oxidative stress. Drinking green tea provides our bodies with skin-loving vitamins (C, B2, and E), too. And sipping tea through the day is a delicious way to hydrate skin and keep it looking and feeling vibrant and healthy. (Research has shown that tea is just as effective at keeping us well hydrated as water is.)

The stresses of daily life can show on our faces, and drinking some green tea will ease feelings of anxiety, lift your spirits, and relax tense facial muscles, as well. 

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Everyday life can leave skin feeling tired and in need of some TLC. If your skin could benefit from some loving attention, including green tea in your diet and skincare routine is a simple, effective way to nourish and fortify your skin and enhance its inherent loveliness. 

A healthful skincare regimen and a nutritious diet are two pieces in caring for our hardworking skin - combine this with plenty of rest, keeping stress at bay, and living life to the fullest to encourage your skin's natural beauty to shine through. 

Enjoy green tea skin benefits with a green tea facial steam

A green tea facial steam is a relaxing way to pamper yourself with an inexpensive, spa-like treat at home while enjoying the health and beauty benefits of green tea. You'll find a recipe and tips for a soothing green tea steam here.

Be Safe - Green Tea for Topical Use

Before adding green tea to your skincare regime (in a facial steam, as a toner, or added to your bath, for example), check with your natural healthcare practitioner or dermatologist about topical use of green tea for you (especially if you have delicate, sensitive, or inflamed skin or acne). And please avoid using tea topically for infants or young children until consulting with a trusted healthcare provider. 

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