Research about Ginger Tea during Pregnancy

Research about ginger tea during pregnancy indicates that this herbal tisane may be a helpful tea for pregnant moms experiencing morning sickness.

While certain sources suggest that ginger should be avoided during pregnancy, numerous other sources indicate that ginger can be a safe, effective treatment for helping expecting moms manage morning sickness and the more troublesome 'hyperemesis gravidarum,' which is a condition involving serious nausea, vomiting, and dehydration during pregnancy.

However, to ensure you and your unborn babe are safe, please pay a visit to your healthcare provider. Have a thorough chat with her or him about ginger tea during pregnancy, and other herbs and spices during pregnancy, as well - which to avoid, and which are safe. She or he will be able to help you make the very best choices for you and your little one.

You'll find an overview of some of the recent research about ginger tea during pregnancy here.

Your Ginger Tea Benefits

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Research about Ginger and Pregnancy

A large population-based study performed at the University of Bergen in Norway considered the safety of ginger during pregnancy.

This Norwegian Mother and Child Cohort study, which was published in 2013, involved 68,522 women, and 1.5% (1020) of these reported that they consumed ginger while pregnant.

Study data revealed that ginger use during pregnancy was not associated with any increased risk for premature birth, low birth weight, congenital malformations, stillbirth, or low Apgar score. You can read the abstract for this study here.

Ginger Tea during Pregnancy

A 1991 study at Hvidovre Hospital, University of Copenhagen in Denmark, examined ginger's effectiveness in helping relieve or manage the symptoms of hyperemesis gravidarum (serious nausea and vomiting during pregnancy). 

The 27 pregnant women who participated in this study, each suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum, were randomly divided into two groups. Four times per day for four days, the first group received 250 mg ginger powder capsules (1g ginger/day), while the second group was given a placebo.

A 2-day rest period followed, during which neither group received either treatment. Then, for an additional 4-day period, each group was given the alternate treatment.

Symptom severity and relief was evaluated before and after each 4-day period. Nineteen (70.4%) of the participants indicated that they preferred the period in which the ginger treatment had been given, and symptom scoring also showed ginger to provide significantly greater relief from or elimination of the symptoms of hyperemesis gravidarum. Learn more about this research here.

Ginger & Ginger Tea during Pregnancy

According to the University of Maryland Medical Center website, pregnant women shouldn't consume more than 1g ginger per day. To protect you and your baby, please consult with your healthcare professional before consuming substantial amounts of ginger or ginger tea during your pregnancy.

An Iranian study compared ginger and vitamin B6 for helping expecting moms manage pregnancy nausea and vomiting.

The 70 women in the study were randomly assigned to receive either 1g ginger or 40 mg vitamin B6 each day for 4 days, and, for each woman, the severity of nausea and number of vomiting incidents were documented for 24 hours preceding and also during the treatment. Their symptoms were logged again at the 7-day follow-up appointment.

Making Ginger Tea

Research results showed that the ginger treatment was more effective than vitamin B6 at relieving nausea, and the treatments were equally helpful in decreasing the occurrence of vomiting.

This study took place at the Department of Midwifery at Touyserkan University of Islamic Azad in Hamedan, Iran. You'll find the abstract for this study here.

Another study comparing the effectiveness of ginger and vitamin B6 in treating nausea and vomiting during pregnancy took place at Vajira Hospital in Thailand.

In this study, the 138 participants were randomly assigned to one of two groups and, for 3 days, received either 500 mg ginger or 10 mg vitamin B6 three times daily, according to her group. 

Each participant's nausea score was recorded before and following the treatment. And, prior to and during the treatment, each woman tracked her number of vomiting episodes, as well.

Results of this study found that ginger and vitamin B6 were each considerably effective at relieving both nausea and vomiting for pregnant women, with no significant difference between the two treatments.

Interested in reading more? The abstract for this research, which was published in 2003, can be found here.

Ginger Tea for Women

To learn more about ginger tea during pregnancy, during your period, and during menopause, drop by our Side Effects of Ginger Tea page.

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There's much more research yet examining ginger and ginger tea during pregnancy - keep reading here.

There is a growing awareness of alternative therapies around the world, and what has been known in traditional herbal medicine for centuries is now being appreciated by a whole new generation.

Ginger has been treasured throughout history as an effective treatment for so many health concerns, and scientific studies targeting this amazing plant are confirming its impressive benefits.

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