Water Filters for Healthy Water for Tea

If you've been considering filters for healthy water, keep reading to get to know more about different types of water filters, as well as some tips for choosing the best water filter for you.

Whether we depend on water from a public water supply or well water for drinking (and tea) water, a water filter is an effective way to protect ourselves from harmful substances that have found their way into our water - and a filter can make water taste and smell much better, too.

Filters for Healthy Water | The Tea Talk

Types of Filters for Healthy Water

Water filters are available in a variety of styles. Many people choose a tabletop or carafe-style water filter, which is a simple, effective, and cost-efficient option that allows you to have fresh, filtered water on hand whenever you need for drinking water or brewing up a pot of delicious, healthful tea. These filters fit nicely in the fridge, too.

Or, a water filter can be installed just for a particular tap - this includes faucet-mounted filterscountertop filters, and plumbed-in or under-sink filters

Each of these filters for healthy water has its good and potentially less-than-ideal features...

For example, a faucet-mounted filter is typically easy to install, but it may slow the water flow of the tap it's attached to. Countertop filters are also very efficient, but may not be the best choice in a smaller space, as they can clutter countertops. Plumbed-in filters are hidden away under the sink, but you may need a professional to install this type of filter. Plus, you'll need enough sink space to install the separate tap through which the filtered water will flow.

Distilled or reverse osmosis water

Distilled water and water from reverse osmosis systems have had toxic elements removed - but, during the filtering process, important essential minerals have been removed from the water, too. If you drink distilled or reverse osmosis water, why not brew it up into a vitamin- and mineral-rich tea or herbal tisane, such as Rooibos, dandelion, or hibiscus tea

If your goal when considering filters for healthy water is to remove toxins from the water in your entire household, you may consider a whole-house filter, which is installed in the water main and targets not only water in the kitchen, but in bathrooms and the laundry area, as well. This type of filter provides that extra protection from harmful chemicals (like chlorine) while we bathe or shower.

You can learn more about water filtration technology on the Environmental Working Group's website

Different water filtration systems will use different technologies to remove toxic elements, chemicals, and contaminants. Most filters for healthy water use activated carbon to remove toxins, while others use distillation, reverse osmosis, ion exchange, or UV treatment.

Choosing a Water Filtration System

Each style and type of water filter has its own unique pros and cons, so be sure to research the options you're considering so you can be confident you have a match for your household. 

Consider cost (including maintenance and filter replacement) and space, and remember to confirm that the water filter you're choosing will work in your home (for example, faucet-mounted and countertop filters aren't compatible with all faucet types). The amount of water you use is a factor to consider, too... for example, will a small carafe-style filter be large enough for your thirsty, tea-loving family? :)

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Filters for Healthy Water | The Tea Talk

Most importantly, be sure you're choosing a filter that will remove as many contaminants (chlorine, heavy metals, fluoride, etc.) as possible to safe levels (check your water report to see which toxins you may need to remove from your water). Different types of filters will remove different toxic elements, so it's important that the filter you choose will remove what you need it to.

Check third-party reviews of the water filters you're looking into, as well - these may provide some additional details or steer you away from filters that may not live up to manufacturers' claims.

Maintaining Your Water Filter

Once you've chosen and invested in a filter for healthy water for your home, it's essential to maintain it according to the manufacturer's recommendations to ensure you're keeping your water as clean and healthy as you possibly can. Remember to change the filter regularly (according to the package instructions) and, for tabletop water filters, thoroughly wash the entire carafe regularly, too.

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Filters for healthy water is an important consideration for tea lovers, as the water we use to make tea can affect the taste and aroma of our tea, and also may affect how beneficial our beloved tea is for us.

If your household water comes from a well or a public water supply, a water filter is an effective way to ensure your tea (and drinking water) is delicious, fragrant, and healthy, too.

Staying in-the-know about your water supply involves not only knowing what is (or could be) in your water that may be a potential risk or wellness concern, but also being aware of what isn't in your water that should be there (such as essential minerals).

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