Diabetics & Hibiscus Tea

by Moses

I am recently diagnosed with diabetes type 2. It's not that I worry about it, oh no? Medications that are on market resolve sugar level in the blood, but this is not a healthy way to resolve this medical condition.

3 weeks ago I have received local news letter from diabetes clinic. There was a small article (10 lines) about how diabetes can be helped within 8 days by drinking Hibiscus tea.

I went to health shops and I could not buy Hibiscus Tea. I was in Indian shop, Chinese and many other shops and there is no Hibiscus in Melbourne. Maybe somewhere in other suburbs but not in the 11 shops that I have tried.

So I went on Internet and purchased Hibiscus Tea.

Yes its working!

I find, if one does morning exercise regularly every morning, cut down carbohydrates completely, and choose food according to GI index, plus Hibiscus Tea - and sugar will get in range within weeks.

This is the story I have for all of you. Have a nice one!

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