Death to demodex mites

by Merle
(Hilo, Hawaii)

For eight months, I have struggled with demodex mites in lashes, nose, ears, scalp, and body.

I have used tea tree, neem, orange, clove, lavender, and oregano oils, and over time, they have sensitized my skin.

One day, I made a strong brew of chamomile, cooled it, and applied it on my itching face to tame the inflammation.

When the chamomile dried on my face, I looked into a magnifying mirror and noticed very thin, microscopic white things sticking out of my pores. I picked them up with scotch tape and looked at them using a magnifying glass. They were dead demodex mites.

I repeatedly applied chamomile to my face, and each time saw many dead mites sticking out of my pores.

This brought down the itchiness and inflammation, and I'm so glad I have an alternative to the harsher oils. I now also apply chamomile tea to my scalp and body to bring down the mite count, and look forward to eliminating them soon.

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Thank you so much for sharing!
by: Della @ The Tea Talk

Hi, Merle -

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us! What an amazing experience, and I'm so glad to hear about how helpful chamomile tea has been with the demodex mites...

What inspired you to try chamomile tea to help with managing the mites?

Chamomile tea is one of our readers' most beloved teas, and every day I hear stories about how this tea benefits and improves people's lives... Just wonderful!

Thank you so much again for sharing your experience!

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