More Dandelion Tea Benefits

Dandelion tea benefits are so wide ranging... This herbal tea encourages good digestion, is a soothing liver tonic, quickly relieves bloating, and is a nutrient powerhouse - just to name a few benefits.

Although many of us think of dandelions as nothing more than an annoying weed that ruins our otherwise perfect lawns, the hardy little plant is actually chock-full of health benefits.

Simple to make, nourishing, and hydrating, dandelion tea is a smart choice for any tea cupboard. Here are more dandelion tea benefits (if you missed our first page about the benefits of dandelion tea, you'll find it here).

This tea is rich in essential vitamins and minerals

It's challenging to get enough of the important vitamins and minerals our bodies and minds need for optimal health, but including some flavorful dandelion tea in your day can go a long way towards giving your body the nutrient boost it needs.

Dandelions contain a host of vitamins and minerals, so why not brew up a pot to give your body some potassium, calcium (great for bone health!), magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, and zinc, along with vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K. 

Dandelion Tea Benefits | The Tea Talk

And, if you're anemic or want to include more iron in your diet, dandelion tea is a good source of iron, too.

Relieve water retention and bloating with dandelion tea

Many of us dread that time of the month because of the water retention and bloating that make us feel irritated, disheartened, and even unattractive!

Here's a healthy, tasty solution to that frustrating temporary bloating during your period (or any other time): Sip some dandelion leaf tea (it's delicious iced, hot, or at room temperature).

A natural diuretic, cooling dandelion tea encourages urine flow and helps to flush out excess fluids and toxins from our bodies. Not only will dandelion tea provide some much-welcome relief from water retention, but it's also a safer alternative than many other diuretics, because it provides (rather than depletes) potassium.

Benefits of Dandelion Tea & You

Do you love the health and wellness benefits of dandelion tea? Why not share your dandelion-tea experience with us and our other readers? We'd love to hear about it!

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As Victoria Zak says in her wonderful book, 20,000 Secrets of Tea, "Unlike standard diuretics that lead to potassium losses that leave you feeling weak, dandelion works gently and naturally to balance your body fluids." Our bodies need a healthy amount of potassium for good heart and bone health, and to support our digestive and muscular systems, too.

Dandelion Tea Benefits | The Tea Talk

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Did you know...

Dandelions are also called 'Pistabed,' 'Priest's Crown,' 'Swine's Snout,' 'Blowball,' and 'Lion's Tooth.'

Flavorful, healthful, and so simple to make - what's not to love about dandelion tea? This unassuming flowering plant that we try so very hard to eradicate from our lawns each year is actually a potent healer that has been treasured for centuries for the many ways it can support and nurture our bodies.

Why not steep a steamy cup or pour a frosty glass of tart, tasty dandelion tea and enjoy what this amazing beverage has to offer?

Which is better for dandelion tea benefits - Dandelion Leaf Tea or Root Tea?

When you're shopping for dandelion tea, you may notice that you have a choice between dandelion leaf tea, dandelion root tea, and a tasty combined dandelion leaf and root tea.

Dandelion roots and leaves are each known for certain benefits (for example, dandelion roots are a popular caffeine-free coffee substitute and effective liver tonic, while the leaves are especially helpful for relieving water retention or an upset stomach).

Because both dandelion leaves and roots have beneficial properties, let your taste buds be your guide (you'll be more apt to drink a tea you enjoy!). Or, why not keep both on hand so all dandelion tea benefits are available for you and your family?

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More about Dandelion Tea Benefits

Benefits of Dandelion Tea - Tart, tasty dandelion tea is bursting with flavor and is also wonderfully beneficial for physical and mental health and wellness. 

Your Dandelion Tea Benefits! - If you're a fan of dandelion tea and its benefits for good health and wellness, why not share your thoughts and opinions with our other readers? And, see what other visitors to our site have to say about dandelion tea benefits, too.

Dandelion Tea Recipes - Drop by our Dandelion Tea Recipe pages for tips on making hot or iced dandelion tea from loose dandelion tea, teabags, or dandelion leaves or roots you've harvested yourself. Why not treat yourself to a spa-like dandelion tea bath, too?

Dandelion Tea Side Effects - Before adding dandelion tea to your daily routine, read more about some potential risks and side effects associated with this herbal tea.


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