crazy anxiety

by dian

Have been dealing with generalized anxiety and bouts of depression and do not want to use meds.

A pharmacist suggested chamomile tea. I thought this is crazy - a cup of tea - really!

WELL IT'S GREAT! Calming, soothing; I brew a cup and meditate. It really helps a great deal!

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How much chamomile tea...
by: Della @ The Tea Talk

Hi, 'Camomile for Anxiety',
Many sources suggest between one and four cups of chamomile tea per day to enjoy its beneficial properties, with one to two cups daily seeming to be the most commonly enjoyed amount. Let's see what other readers who turn to chamomile tea have to say, as well... and it's a great idea to have a chat with your healthcare provider, too, about effective amounts of tea for you.

Camomile for anxiety
by: Anonymous

Just tried my first cup of camomile tea, hope it works for my anxiety. Is there a limit to the number of cups you can have in a day

Calm-Chamomile Tea Taste Booster
by: Anonymous

I love this tea! I add pack of Splenda and 1 pack of 100% Pure Lemon to mine. It is simply delicious. It also calms my mind and thoughts!

Aniexty panic attacks and depression
by: Anonymous

I just started drinking chamomile tea this morning to see if helps me. Im not sure how long it will take to work for me.I definitely hate drinking tea but wiling to try chamomile tea to help with my aniexty panic attacks and depression. I put not even a tsp of honey in there.. not sure how much to put in my tea bcs i have to stay away from sweets.
Can anyone help me what to do to make this tea taste better


Thank you for sharing with us!
by: Della @ The Tea Talk

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us, Dian! I'm so sorry to hear about your having to deal with anxiety, but, on the other hand, I'm so glad to hear how very helpful chamomile tea has been!

How wonderful to hear how much chamomile tea helps to calm and soothe you...

Thank you again for sharing! I know your comments will be so helpful for other readers who may also be struggling with anxiety.

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