More Potential Cinnamon Tea Side Effects and Risks

Stay informed about potential cinnamon tea side effects, risks, and contraindications to ensure this herbal tea is a safe, healthy choice for you and your household.

Cinnamon has been valued for centuries not only for its spicy taste and aroma, but for its many health and wellness benefits, too. But, even though cinnamon tea is delicious and healthful, it may not necessarily be a good tea for you.

Before you brew up a cup or pot of cinnamon herbal tea, browse through these potential cinnamon tea side effects and risks. (If you missed our first Cinnamon Side Effects page, you can find it here.)

Other Precautions & Cinnamon Tea Side Effects

Cassia cinnamon contains significant levels of 'coumarin,' a naturally occurring compound that may be harmful in larger doses for certain people.

Coumarin can potentially worsen (or even cause) liver or kidney damage, so, if you are being treated for a kidney or liver condition, please avoid excessive amounts of cinnamon tea until you have checked with your healthcare professional. If cinnamon is one of your favorite teas and you drink it regularly, consider asking your healthcare provider if Ceylon cinnamon (which contains minimal coumarin) may be a better choice for you than cassia cinnamon. (Learn more about Ceylon and cassia cinnamon on our Cinnamon Herbal Tea page here.)

Because cinnamon can potentially affect hormone levels, if your medical history includes any hormone-dependent condition or cancer (such as breast, cervical, ovarian, uterine, endometrial, or prostate cancer), please consult with your healthcare provider before adding substantial amounts of cinnamon tea to your daily routine. She can answer any questions you may have about cinnamon contraindications, and describe how cinnamon may interact with any treatments or prescription meds you are currently taking.

Cinnamon Tea Benefits and Side Effects

And, if you enjoy cinnamon tea regularly and you have a scheduled medical or dental surgery coming up, ask your healthcare provider if you should avoid cinnamon tea (with its blood-thinning properties) at present.

Cinnamon Tea for Moms and Tots

Some sources suggest that cinnamon has emmenagogue effects, which means it may stimulate blood flow in the uterus and pelvic area and could potentially increase the risk of miscarriage. As Rosemary Gladstar says in her wonderful book, Medicinal Herbs, "while (cinnamon) may be useful to help encourage a late menstrual flow, it's not recommended in large amounts in the early stages of pregnancy." 

As such, please avoid large amounts of cinnamon (more than would be used normally in cooking and baking) if you think you may be pregnant. If you're expecting a little one or planning to fall pregnant, it's essential that you consult about herbal use (including cinnamon) with your herbalist, homeopathic or naturopathic doctor, or other healthcare provider.

And, if you make your cinnamon tea from ground cinnamon or cinnamon sticks, keep your supplies well out of reach of your little one. 

If an infant or small child ingests a mouthful of cinnamon, there can be a risk of serious irritation, burning, or even swelling of his lips, mouth, and tongue, particularly if he has an allergy to cinnamon.

Cinnamon & Pregnancy

Please also avoid topical use of cinnamon essential oil (e.g. in an aromatherapeutic massage) during pregnancy until you've asked your healthcare professional if this oil is safe for you and your baby.

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Did you miss our first Cinnamon Side Effects page? You'll find it here.

And, as you're learning about cinnamon, be sure to pop by our Benefits of Cinnamon Tea page here.

We have loved cinnamon for so many years for good reason! This versatile, powerful spice has been revered for centuries for the multitude of ways it is so very good for health, and its spicy taste is wonderful not only when brewed for tea, but in sweet and savory dishes, as well.

Just remember, no matter how you (and your family) enjoy your cinnamon, it's important to be aware of the potential risks and side effects associated with cinnamon.

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