Chamomile tea benefits the body, mind, and spirit

If you're looking for an all-around healthful, helping herbal tea, chamomile tea benefits may be just what you need. Brew and sip a cup of this fragrant tea to improve sleep, alleviate stress, support healthy immunity, ease menstrual cramps, and so much more. 

Chamomile - which is also spelled 'camomile' - is a daisy-like herb renowned in folk and traditional medicine for its wellness, cosmetic, and nutritional benefits. For centuries, people around the world have turned to chamomile to help with a multitude of physical and emotional ailments and wellness concerns. 

Chamomile Tea Benefits | The Tea Talk

Wondering if chamomile tea might be a beneficial choice for you? Here are some of the many chamomile tea benefits we can enjoy in a simple cup of this gentle, flavorful herbal tisane. 

Sleep better with chamomile tea

If you love herbal tea, you most likely already know chamomile tea as the "night-time tea." Chamomile tea, with its mild sedative effects, is treasured for its ability to encourage a good night's sleep, free of disturbing dreams.

If you've been having occasional sleeplessness or restless nights, a steamy, soothing mug of chamomile tea in the evening may provide the support you need to sleep soundly through the night and wake feeling refreshed and relaxed. (Read more here about chamomile tea sleep benefits.)

Sleep troubles often go hand-in-hand with feeling down, worried, or melancholy. Happily, chamomile tea benefits emotional wellness, too. Read on to learn more. 

You + Chamomile Tea

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Ease stress and soothe frayed nerves with chamomile tea's calming properties

The busyness and hectic pace of today's world can take its toll, leaving many of us feeling increasingly stressed, worried, and upset. If you could use some support with easing tension or anxious feelings, drinking some beneficial chamomile herbal tea may help. 

Of the many types of chamomile, two varieties are especially known for their wellness benefits:  German chamomile (Matricaria recutita or Matricaria chamomilla) and Roman chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile).

Traditional wisdom values chamomile tea as a simple, healthful way to aid in relieving mild anxiety. Recent research also supports chamomile's long-time reputation as a stress reliever and nerve relaxant, showing it to be an effective way to help ease worry and quiet the nerves.

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If you've been feeling stressed or fretful, you may find natural, soothing relief in a cup of chamomile tea. Steep a cup, and inhale its wonderful fragrance for some beneficial aromatherapy, and then feel worry and tension melt away as you sip this delicious brew. Why not make it part of your daily routine for full, long-lasting benefits? 

Chamomile tea isn't the only tea known for providing natural, safe support during stressful times. Get to know more helpful teas in our Herbal Teas for Anxiety section

Support the immune system with chamomile tea benefits

Another reason to enjoy chamomile tea regularly is this tea's benefits for boosting the immune system. 

If you've already succumbed to a cold or flu, drinking some chamomile tea may provide your immune system with added support. Studies show that regularly consuming chamomile tea can also enhance antibacterial activity, which may aid in protecting our bodies against unwanted invaders. 

The word "chamomile" comes from the Greek "earth apple." Either common spelling - "chamomile" or "camomile" - can be used. 

Steep and sip some chamomile tea to fight harmful inflammation

We know that low-grade chronic inflammation can wreak havoc on our bodies and make us more susceptible to various concerning health conditions.

Fortunately, we can do much to protect ourselves against inflammation's harmful effects by including a variety of anti-inflammatory foods and beverages (such as chamomile tea) in our dietary plan. Studies have shown that chamomile tea is an effective helper in lessening inflammation and may provide support in managing inflammatory ailments and conditions (such as rheumatoid arthritis, periodontitis, and hay fever). 

Chamomile Tea Benefits | The Tea Talk

Get an antioxidant boost with chamomile tea

Enjoying an antioxidant-rich diet is a simple way to promote good health and wellness. Not only do antioxidants fight harmful free radicals in our bodies, but they also provide protection against chronic disease, give anti-inflammatory support, and work to slow the aging process. 

Happily for us, there are many delicious foods and beverages that are excellent sources of antioxidants - including chamomile tea. Add this nourishing tea to your routine for a quick, easy, affordable way to boost antioxidant intake. 

Chamomile herbal tea is delicious served as is, but is also wonderful served with honey or lemon (or both). Visit our Chamomile Tea Recipes section for some tips and recipe inspiration. 

There are many more chamomile tea benefits to enjoy... Keep reading here for more reasons to steep a cup of this nurturing herbal tisane. And drop by our Chamomile Tea Pinterest board for all things chamomile. 

To see what other visitors to our site are saying about chamomile tea benefits, scroll down this page (and feel free to share your own chamomile tea story, too). 

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Victoria Zak, in her wonderful book, "20,000 Secrets of Tea," refers to chamomile as "The All-Around Comforter." This certainly is an apt description of chamomile, considering the countless ways this amazing herb can nurture us physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

Peter was not very well during the evening. His mother put him to bed, and made some chamomile tea: "One table-spoonful to be taken at bed-time." - Beatrix Potter, The Tale of Peter Rabbit

From encouraging a good night's sleep to pain relief to easing stress, chamomile tea is a gentle all-around helper. And, this tea is so very versatile, delightful served hot or iced or enjoyed for its topical benefits for skin and hair health and beauty

As with any new tea you're adding to your day, have a chat with your natural health physician about chamomile tea benefits and precautions for you. And, please visit our Chamomile Tea Side Effects page for some safe-use tips for enjoying this tea. 

Your Chamomile Tea Benefits

What has been your experience with chamomile tea? Has this fragrant herbal tea soothed you after a stressful day, lulled you to sleep when you're having trouble settling down for the night, or relieved an upset stomach or indigestion? We'd love to hear your chamomile tea story! Join the conversation below...

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I wasn't sleeping well. I started drinking camomile tea and now I have a good deep sleep. Enough for me.

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I have had anxiety for several years and tons of sleepless nights. I actually found this tea by accident. I was up coughing all night with bronchitis …

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Prostate problems reduced 
I'm 78 years old. Since taking a mug of camomile every evening I only need to get up once at night instead of up to 5 times, and the urgency to pee has …

Absolutely Love This Tea 
Anytime I feel anxiety I drink this tea - an 8 oz cup to be exact, and boom anxiety gone! This tea has never failed me, I'm actually sipping some now. …

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During finals last semester, I obviously was stressed out and my anxiety was kicking in like crazy. Luckily on the last day before dead week I got …

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Really great tea to soothe the worrying and stress of everyday living... A really great way to just relax and unwind. Works perfectly when I am …

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I was suffering from serious panic attacks and anxiety. I was at a low ebb, because of several things that had happened in my life last year. By accident …

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I love using anything home made. I had heard how camomile is so good for you. So I just sprinkled some seeds (I live in southern CA ). Soon I had 2-3 …

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I have major depression, severe anxiety, terrible insomnia, horrible menopause etc, but chamomile beats it all. I'm soooo much more relaxed, I have peaceful …

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chamomile tea benifits 
i am always depressed, stressed, and scared. But when i drink chamomile herbal tea, it makes me more relaxed. I would recommend this to anyone who is suffering …

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Away Anxiety 
I started menopause at 50, and 3 years later I started experiencing anxiety. In speaking with a cousin who had already been there and done that, she suggested …

Wondering what that is? It's a rare blood disease which makes you allergic to just about any kind of processed alcohol. Guess what most modern sleep aids …

Proven effective! 
Indeed, camomile has been my before bed drink. Drinking camomile teas has helped me sleep through the night and feel so relaxed and ready for another day's …

Just Not My Me. 
Muscles aching...not sleeping and tense, I was almost in tears when Chamomile came back to me... a much better alternative than calling my Internist for …

Helps my anxiety 
I always drink chamomile tea when having a panic attack. It helps to calm me down.

Chamomile tea and the chakras 
I work with energy healing therapies. When I tried chamomile tea for the first time, I was surprised to find that it activates the heart chakra and the …

Chamomile tea and me..... 
Of course Chamomile tea is great for reducing stress and helping with sleep problems. I gave some to my daughter to help her young daughter with health …

Soothes gastric reflux 
I was at my wits end suffering constant and severe heartburn day and night. I am generally very healthy and have adhered to an almost vegan diet for some …

Chamomile, my tea 
For best results chamomile is brewed without milk or sugar. It has soothing and calming effects especially in the case of lack of proper sleep, nervousness, …

I want to research chamomile tea more for all its benefits 
I will keep you in touch with the results. And here are some of my health problems and concerns. I have real poor circulation that causes me to be as …

stress insomnia  
I was suffering from work related stress n one day came across chamomile tea n was hooked n we have a cup everyday before bed n we r happy people n the …

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