Camomile Tea for Nightmares

by Diana
(Walton, surrey, England)

I've been having menopausal nightmares for about 4 months now.

"Every night" I've been drinking camomile tea now for 10 days and they are not as bad.

I'm not sure how much or little to drink - can anybody help me with this?

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Thank you for sharing!
by: Della @ The Tea Talk

Hi, Diana - Thank you so much for sharing your comments about camomile tea! I hope that you're still finding camomile tea to be helpful in relieving menopausal nightmares. Are you still noticing a difference?

Various sources suggest that we consume between one and four cups of camomile tea daily to enjoy its benefits, and I hope that other readers who have found the same benefits will comment, too, about how much camomile tea they drink to help relieve nightmares.

Thank you so much again for sharing your experiences with camomile tea, and for starting this helpful and interesting topic!

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