Best Tea Recipes for Tea Baths, Steams, Compresses, and More

Our best tea recipes for tea baths, steams, compresses, and more will help you enjoy tea's topical and aromatherapy benefits to the fullest. 

Teas and herbal tisanes are such delicious, healthful beverages! And, thanks to traditional herbal wisdom, we know that we can enjoy tea's goodness by using this amazing beverage topically, too, and current research is providing additional support for the healthful topical properties of various teas (traditional and herbal). 

Best Tea Recipes for Topical Use | The Tea Talk

There are so many ways to enjoy tea topically - from a spa-like tea bath or a natural hair-lightening rinse to a soothing tea compress or restorative tea facial steam. To take advantage of more of tea's benefits for your body, mind, and spirit, try one of these best tea recipes for topical, aromatherapy, or cosmetic use.

Looking for recipes for hot tea, iced tea, tea smoothies, and more? You'll find tea-as-a-beverage recipes here.

Tea Baths and Foot Soaks

One of the simplest and most enjoyable ways to benefit from tea's topical goodness is in a delightfully fragrant tea bath. 

If you don't have the time (or the inclination) for a bath, an aromatic tea foot soak is a wonderfully quick alternative for soothing achy, tired feet and ankles after a long day on your feet or in high heels. 

Why a tea bath? There are countless reasons... whether you're looking to soak away the stresses of the day, soften and smooth your hardworking skin, ease achy muscles or sore joints, or find relief from tender sunburned skin or itchy insect bites after a day spent outdoors, a healing tea bath may help. 

Ready for a skin-softening, healing herbal tea soak? Here are a few best tea recipes for baths to get you started. 

Tea Compresses

Tea baths aren't the only way to enjoy the topical benefits of tea - tea compresses are a comfortingly old-fashioned, effective way to manage various aches and ailments, too. 

If you could use some help with calming inflamed or itchy skin, relieving achy muscles or swollen joints, or easing a headache or lower back pain, try a healing tea compress. Certain tea compresses (such as a Rooibos tea compress) may help to relieve your little one's diaper rash, too. 

Best Tea Recipes for Topical Use | The Tea Talk

And, because many teas and herbal tisanes, when used topically, can aid in reducing the visible signs of aging (like wrinkles, dull skin, and loss of skin elasticity), you can even include a lovely tea compress in your skincare routine. 

    You'll find some simple tea compress recipes here:

Follow our Tea Baths, Compresses, and More board on Pinterest for more tea bath and tea compress ideas and recipes. 

A warm, moist teabag also makes a small but effective tea compress, ready to soothe or revive skin, ease an earache or toothache, or even reduce under-eye puffiness and discoloration. 

Tea Steams

Many of us know and love the benefits of facial steams, not only to soften skin and reduce pores, but also for more therapeutic reasons, like helping you breathe easier, soothing a sore throat, alleviating a stubborn cough, or easing the discomfort of nasal or chest congestion. 

The next time you nurture yourself with a facial steam, why not have a tea steam? All of the goodness of a facial steam, plus the wellness and cosmetic benefits of your tea of choice. 

Here are some beneficial, beautifying tea steam recipes:

Looking for more tea-steam inspiration? Visit our Tea Baths, Steams, Compresses, and More Pinterest board

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Best Tea Recipes for Topical Use | The Tea Talk

Best Tea Recipes for Hair Health and Beauty

The topical benefits of teas and herbal tisanes aren't limited to your skin... Many teas can benefit hair health and appearance, too. For example, a Chamomile Tea Hair Rinse can soften your hair and give it that pretty sun-kissed look (and it's great for soothing dry, flaky scalp, too). And try our recipe for Nettle Hair Mask to enjoy nettle tea's benefits for hair and scalp wellness. 

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You'll also find lots of great information and recipes on our Tea Cosmetics, Skin Care, and Body Care board on Pinterest. 

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We have loved tea for centuries as a beverage, and taking care to listen to each tea's unique preferences for brewing times and conditions helps us to appreciate and benefit from this wonderful beverage even more. 

And tea's benefits and uses don't stop there. The distinctive flavor of your favorite tea or herbal tisane can beautifully enhance a sweet or savory dish... and the healing properties of tea baths, compresses, and facial steams help us appreciate and enjoy tea's many wellness benefits in a whole new way. 

Always Be Safe

As you try these best tea recipes for topical and aromatherapy benefits, please remember, teas and herbal tisanes do come with some potential side effects, so please stay informed about any precautions associated with the teas in your tea cupboard. Your natural healthcare practitioner is a great source for more information about healthful tea choices and best tea recipes for you and your household.

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