More Research about Red Clover and the Benefits of Red Clover Blossoms

Brew some red clover tea to enjoy the many benefits of red clover blossoms for physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being.

Traditionally, the red clover plant's blossoms have been renowned for their ability to ease respiratory conditions, soothe irritated skin, encourage a restful night's sleep, lessen anxiety, and for many other health and wellness benefits.

Some of us fully embrace traditional herbal medicine and aren't really concerned whether current scientific studies confirm the benefits of herbs and spices used in healing teas. On the other hand, many of us are very interested in modern-day research about the benefits of herbs (such as red clover)... 

If the research side of things fascinates you, you'll find more information about current studies targeting the goodness of red clover for health and wellness below.

More Benefits of Red Clover Tea during Menopause

So many benefits of red clover blossoms have been discovered, but the purplish-red flowers of this willowy herb may be most well-known for their amazing ability to ease the various symptoms, discomforts, and changes that typically accompany menopause.

Here is more current research about the relationship between red clover and menopause. (If you missed the first part of our review focusing on red clover menopause benefits, you'll find it here.)

Manage Hot Flushes with Red Clover

A 2002 study at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Vrije Universiteit Medical Centre in Amsterdam found that regular intake of red clover can substantially reduce the frequency of the hot flushes experienced during menopause.

In this study, 30 women in menopause who had been experiencing more than 5 hot flushes each day were given a placebo for 4 weeks, and then randomly divided into 2 groups for the remaining 12 weeks of the study.

During the 12 weeks, the first group continue to take the placebo, while the second group was given red clover supplements each day.

Benefits of Red Clover Blossoms

The results of the study found that, during the 4-week placebo phase, the occurrence of hot flushes decreased by 16%. During the 12-week phase, the placebo group had no additional reduction in hot flushes, while the women in the red clover group experienced an additional 44% decrease in the frequency of hot flushes.

Interested in reading more? Click here to find an abstract of this study.

Protect Bone Health with Red Clover Tea

A 2004 study at the Institute of Public Health in Cambridge, United Kingdom, targeted the effects of a red clover isoflavone supplement on the bone loss of 205 female participants aged 49 to 65.

The women in the study were divided into two groups - one group was given a red clover isoflavones supplement each day, while the other group was given a placebo.

Of the 177 women who completed the year-long study, those in the red clover isoflavones group experienced significantly less bone mineral content and bone mineral density loss in the lumbar spine over the course of the year than the women in the placebo group.

You'll find the research abstract for this study here, if you'd like to read more.

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That's not all... You can find more research about benefits of red clover blossoms (including red clover menopause benefits) here.

Benefits of Red Clover Blossoms

Red clover tea is just one of so many nurturing, healthful herbal teas. Each of these wonderful herbal teas can contribute to our health in its own unique way, and you may find that you enjoy a blend of a variety of herbs in your tea - not only for a delightful, distinctive taste, but also for the wealth of health benefits it provides.

Red clover tisane is not only a wonderful tea on its own - it's a popular addition to herbal tea blends, as well. Why not add this healthful herb to your favorite blend and enjoy the many benefits of red clover blossoms?

Love these benefits of red clover blossoms... But are there any risks or side effects?

If you're thinking of adding red clover tea to your tea cupboard to, say, ease some menopausal discomfort or as part of your overall plan to improve bone health, please be sure to pay a visit to your healthcare provider first, to ensure that red clover tea (or red clover in any other form) is a healthy, safe choice for you. This is particularly important if you are expecting or nursing a baby, taking any prescription medications, or are being treated for (or have had) any hormone-dependent condition or cancer.

If you'd like to learn more about red clover contraindications or side effects, please visit our Red Clover Side Effects page.

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