More Research about the Benefits of Ginger Root Tea

Current research about the benefits of ginger root tea is confirming the healthful properties of this delicious, fragrant herbal tea.

Traditional herbal wisdom about teas and herbal tisanes provides so much information about the health and wellness benefits of these amazing beverages.

And, it's also reassuring to know that recent scientific research examining tea is supporting what we've known for so long about how very good tea is for us.

Ginger tea is one of the most popular and beloved teas around the world - for good reason, considering its many health benefits. Keep reading to learn more about research targeting the benefits of ginger root tea (if you'd like to browse through our other Ginger Tea Research pages, they begin here).

Ginger Tea for Colon Health

A 2011 study found that ginger can reduce inflammation in the colon. This research, which took place at the University of Michigan Medical School in Ann Arbor, Michigan, involved 30 healthy participants who were randomly divided into two groups.

For the 28 days of the study, the first group received 2 grams ginger root each day, while the second group was given a placebo. Measurements were taken at the onset of the study and again on day 28.

The results of the study found that those who had received the ginger treatment experienced substantially reduced colon inflammation, as compared to those in the placebo group.

Warming Ginger Tea

Colon inflammation is considered to be a precursor to the development of colon cancer, but more study is needed to determine whether ginger could be effective for treatment and prevention of cancer of the colon. 

If you're interested in reading more, you'll find the research abstract for this study here.

Ginger's Potential for Cancer Prevention

While additional research is needed in this area, preliminary studies suggest that ginger may help to prevent and treat certain types of cancer.

Ginger and Breast Cancer

A laboratory (test-tube) study at Dankook University in Seoul, South Korea, in 2008 examined the effects of gingerol (an active ingredient in fresh ginger) on breast cancer cells. 

In this study, the researchers discovered that gingerol can effectively prevent the spread of breast cancer cells. You can find the abstract for this study here.

Ginger and Ovarian Cancer

A 2007 American research study looked at the effects of ginger on ovarian cancer cells in vitro (a test-tube study).

This study found that continuous exposure to ginger extract over a period of 1 to 5 days generated 'profound inhibition' of growth and spread of ovarian cancer cells. The researchers pinpointed shogaol (an active ingredient found in ginger) as the most effective ginger component in fighting the cancer cells. 

You'll find this study here, if you'd like to read more.

Before brewing some ginger tea to enjoy these benefits of ginger root tea...

Please always consult with your healthcare provider before adding any herbal teas or remedies to your existing health and wellness plan. This is especially important if you are currently being treated for any illness or condition, if you are taking any prescription medications, or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Ginger and Pancreatic Cancer

Another study examining the interaction between ginger and cancer cells took place at the Yonsei University College of Medicine in Seoul, South Korea, in 2006. In this laboratory research, gingerol (one of ginger's active ingredients) successfully inhibited growth and induced cell death of pancreatic cancer cells.

While pancreatic cancer cells are particularly resistant to conventional drugs and chemotherapy for a variety of reasons, the results from this research suggested that gingerol can effectively bypass this resistance. 

Interested in reading more? Click here to read the study.

Benefits of Ginger Tea

Ginger and Leukemia

In a laboratory study in 2003 at Taipei Medical University in Taiwan, gingerol, an active ingredient in fresh ginger, successfully induced cell death in human promyelocytic leukemia cells. 

Click here to view the research abstract for this study. 

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Teas and herbal tisanes (like ginger tea) not only provide countless health and wellness benefits, but they are inexpensive, widely available, and have few potential risks and side effects.

So, as we search for natural, effective ways not only to stay healthy and energetic, but also to prevent chronic disease (such as cancer and heart disease), it's not surprising that more and more people every day are choosing to add tea to their daily routines and overall wellness plans.

Ready to steep and savor some ginger tea and its many health benefits?

Ginger tea is simple and satisfying to make from scratch - and it will make your entire home smell absolutely divine as it's simmering! You'll find a quick, easy Ginger Tea Recipe here, so you can start enjoying the many benefits of ginger root tea right away.

Why not brew some healthful ginger tea for yourself today? Delicious, fragrant, and so very good for you, ginger tea is simply a remarkable beverage.

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