Benefit of Tea Hibiscus

by Mohammed Khalaf
(Lincoln Ne.USA )

Usually I use to soak the dried hibiscus and drink it as cold whenever I have high blood or when I'm fasting.

Really, it is a wonderful method to relax and being more energetic when I'm tired or having a headache.

Also I started to drink it as hot tea during cold weather.

Really I have almost 20 years of drinking Hibiscus.

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Thank you for sharing with us!
by: Della @ The Tea Talk

Mohammed, thank you so much for sharing your experience with hibiscus tea! After almost 20 years of drinking this delicious herbal tea, you must be an expert on the many ways it can benefit health and wellness!

I was especially interested in how you've found it to be beneficial for encouraging relaxation and relieving a headache.

Do you always drink hibiscus tea on its own, or do you have a favorite hibiscus blend?

Thank you very much again for sharing - I know your comments and experiences will benefit other visitors to our site! :)

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