Away Anxiety

by Carmen
(Clayton, NC)

I started menopause at 50, and 3 years later I started experiencing anxiety. In speaking with a cousin who had already been there and done that, she suggested that I try Chamomile Tea. At first it helped me during the night.

About a month ago, my anxiety reached an all time high. It was really bad. That's when I decided to give up the coffee and soda and started my mornings with Chamomile Tea.

The anxiety has subsided, and I haven't felt this good since. The only draw back - it makes me sleepy when consumed in the morning.

I have to say that after reading up on the different teas and menopause, I am on my way to trying Chamomile's friend ~ Red Clover. I will keep y'all posted. Happy Tea!

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Away Anxiety
by: Carmen

Thank you Delle!
I still drink Chamomile in the morning but not on a daily basis. Mostly on a Saturday morning when I just want to relax and enjoy putzing around at home.

I did try Red Tea with my breakfast and enjoyed it but I really want to stay away from caffeine. After reading of its benefits on anti aging. I might just break down and give it a second chance.

This weekend I did pick up a box of the Red Clover and I found that I like its flavor. Will keep you posted on its benefits on menopause!

Thank you so much for sharing!
by: Della @ The Tea Talk

Thank you so much for sharing about your experience with chamomile tea, Carmen! Your comments will be so helpful for other visitors to our site searching for an effective, natural way to manage and relieve anxiety!

I was wondering if you're still starting your day with chamomile tea, or do you enjoy another tea first thing in the morning, instead, if chamomile causes you to feel sleepy?

And I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions about red clover tea, too! My mother grows red clover in her organic herb garden, and very willingly shares this wonderful herb with friends and family! Another lovely and very beneficial tea...

Thank you so much again for sharing your tea journey with us! :)

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