Absolutely Love This Tea

by Essie
(Chicago, IL)

Anytime I feel anxiety I drink this tea - an 8 oz cup to be exact, and boom anxiety gone!

This tea has never failed me, I'm actually sipping some now.

Also, this tea cured an eye irritation once that my son suffered from. I used so many treatments until I tried using Chamomile tea. It works wonders!

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Thank you for sharing with us!
by: Della @ The Tea Talk

Essie, thank you so much for your great comments about chamomile tea! :)

That's so wonderful, how quickly and effectively this herbal tea helps to relieve your anxiety... I know your comments will really help other visitors to our site who may be looking for natural ways to help manage anxiety.

That's so interesting about using chamomile tea to ease your son's eye irritation! Could you share with us, did he drink chamomile tea to help with the irritation, or did he use chamomile tea topically (e.g. in a compress or a tea steam)?

Thank you so much again for sharing your chamomile tea story, Essie!

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