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Leaf Lovers Newsletter, Issue #015 -- Nettle Tea Benefits, Celebrate Teatime during the Holidays
December 12, 2016
Season's Greetings from The Tea Talk!

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This issue...
-- Nettle Tea Benefits for Health and Wellness
-- Relax with Our Color Teatime Coloring Book for Tea Lovers
-- Something's Brewing... Show Your Heart Some Love with a Daily Cuppa


Nettle Tea Benefits for Health and Wellness

You'll love the amazing benefits of nettle tea for health and wellness. Nettle tea is, very simply, a nourishing, strengthening tonic for your entire body. From easing arthritic pain and swelling to relieving hay fever symptoms to boosting energy levels and balancing your mood, nettle tea is an all-around beneficial beverage for physical and emotional health...

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Color Teatime Coloring Book for Tea Lovers

This is such a wonderful, magical time of year... but the holiday season can be somewhat stressful at times, too! If you're feeling a bit anxious about the holidays, why not set aside some time for coloring? Coloring calms and relaxes us, and helps us leave behind the worries and stresses of the day. And, you can combine your love of tea with coloring (and enjoy even more benefits of tea) with our Color Teatime Coloring Book for Tea Lovers.

Color Teatime includes 25 individual illustrations, each centered on a tea theme. The illustrations include beautiful teacups and saucers, lovely teapots, relaxing spots for tea, pretty teatime settings, and more. Learn more (and get your copy) on our website here.

Celebrating Tea during the Holiday Season

For tea lovers, the holidays are the perfect time to incorporate our beloved teaware and favorite seasonal teas into special gatherings with family and friends, and maybe even host a lovely themed tea party! If you're looking for some inspiration for a Christmas or another special seasonal tea party, drop by our Christmas Tea Party Ideas board on Pinterest for wonderful ideas for food, decorations, tea settings, and much more.


- A recent study found that enjoying one to three cups of black or green tea each day can lessen the risk of a heart attack or other heart disease by 35%. What a very simple, delicious way to show your heart some love!

- The number of tea lovers around the world is increasing! In many parts of the world, more teens are turning to tea (rather than pop and other sugary drinks), and many coffee drinkers (especially in North America) are "turning over a new leaf" and venturing into the world of tea. To support this growing (and adventurous) tea population, many specialty tea shops are changing things up by offering tea lattes, tea smoothies, and nontraditional ingredients in herbal tea blends. If you've had a tasty new tea concoction at your local tea shop or while travelling, we'd love to hear about it! Drop by and share your tea experience on our Facebook page.

Season's Greetings and Happy Holidays to you! It's the perfect time of year to get to know a new tea or two... :)
Della @ The Tea Talk

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