Tea Recipes (Hot, Iced, Topical, and More)

Welcome to our Tea Recipes page, where you'll find hot and iced tea recipes, some recipes and tips for topical use of tea, and much more.

Tea is a magical beverage - it comforts, soothes, and heals us, and it is marvelously delicious and fragrant, as well!

And, tea is so very versatile - that little tea stash in your kitchen can provide healthful, inexpensive, refreshing hot and iced beverages for you and your family throughout the year, and tea can be a flavorful, unique ingredient in a multitude of sweet and savory dishes, too. Tea, when used in a tea compress, bath, or therapeutic steam, can also provide amazing topical and aromatherapeutic benefits.

How to Make Tea

Whether you're new to tea or you've been enjoying teas and herbal tisanes for a while now, you most likely have your tea-making ritual down pat! 

The pieces of your tea ritual (your favorite cup, how you've arranged your tea stash, that comfy chair, the first whiff and sip of your newly brewed tea...) make teatime a very special part of your day.

Making Tea

How you make your tea can affect whether you're enjoying your teatime to the fullest, too. Different teas require their own unique brewing conditions to taste their best and retain their wonderful health benefits, and these simple variances can make a world of difference in the flavor of your tea.

You'll find some brewing tips and suggestions for making the most aromatic, delicious, healthful cup or pot of tea on our Tea Recipes pages.

Recipes for Chamomile Tea - One of the most popular herbal teas around the world, mild, delightful chamomile tea is chock-full of health benefits. Why not brew some extra chamomile tea for topical or cosmetic use, too?

Recipes for Cinnamon Tea - Spicy and slightly exotic, cinnamon tea is so simple to make from cinnamon sticks or ground cinnamon. Learn how to choose and store cinnamon for making cinnamon tea, as well.

Recipes for Ginger Tea - Ginger tea is wonderfully delicious when served hot, and it is so revitalizing served over ice, as well. And this powerhouse herbal tea doesn't stop there... ginger tea can provide amazing topical benefits, too.

Recipes for Peppermint Tea - Soothing peppermint herbal tea is delicious whether made from fresh or dried peppermint. And, if you've been thinking of growing your own peppermint for your peppermint tea recipes, browse through our tips for growing and harvesting peppermint.

Recipes for Rooibos Tea - Fruity, fragrant, and caffeine-free, colorful Rooibos tea is absolutely delicious hot or iced, and a favorite with people of all ages, from babies to great-grandparents.

If you love iced tea, visit our Iced Tea Tips page, too, for some suggestions for making the perfect glass (or pitcher) of this refreshing iced beverage.

Tea Recipes for Baths, Compresses, Steams, and More

Thanks to traditional herbal wisdom, we know that we can enjoy tea's many health benefits by using this amazing beverage topically, too - and current research is providing additional support for the healthful topical properties of tea.

Tea Bath Recipes

There are so many ways to use tea topically, from a spa-like tea bath to a natural hair lightener to a soothing tea compress or therapeutic steam. 

To take advantage of more of tea's benefits for your body, try one of these topical, aromatherapeutic, or cosmetic tea recipes.

Chamomile Tea for Skin, Scalp, and Hair - Chamomile tea is beloved for a wealth of topical uses - from soothing dry, flaky scalp to giving your hair a natural sun-kissed look to a skin-softening, healing chamomile bath, chamomile tea is such a versatile tea! A chamomile tea steam is not only therapeutic, but so good for your complexion, too.

Ginger Tea Bath and Compress - Well-known as an amazing detoxifier, a ginger tea bath can also ease aches and pains, reduce body odor, ward off a cold or chill, and help your body and mind relax after a long, stressful day. A soothing ginger tea compress is a natural, effective pain reliever, and can reduce stiffness and swelling, too.

Peppermint Tea Steam and Soothing Compress - A therapeutic peppermint tea steam can help you breathe easier, soothe a sore throat, relieve a stubborn cough, and ease the discomfort and pain of congestion. Apply a peppermint tea compress to relieve skin irritations, burns, headaches, cramps, and much, much more.

Rooibos Tea Bath and Compress - Soak in a fragrant Rooibos tea bath or apply a soothing Rooibos compress to relieve inflammatory skin conditions (such as sunburn, eczema, or diaper rash). Topical use of Rooibos can help to reduce the visible signs of aging, too! A Rooibos tea steam is wonderful for your complexion and skin health. 

We have loved tea for centuries as a beverage, and taking care to listen to each tea's and herbal tisane's unique preferences for brewing times and conditions helps us to appreciate and benefit from this wonderful beverage even more.

And tea's benefits and uses don't stop there! The distinctive flavor of your favorite tea or herbal tisane can beautifully enhance a sweet or savory dish... and the healing benefits of tea baths, compresses, and steams help us treasure and enjoy tea's many health benefits in a whole new way!

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