Ready for a career change? Tea jobs are the best choice for tea lovers!

Are you ready for a career change? Tea jobs are the perfect choice if your passion is tea, and if you're ready to leave your old career behind. Just imagine - in a tea career, you could be surrounded by, enjoying, and working with tea every day! Doesn't sound much like work, does it? ;)

Tea careers are fulfilling, motivating, purposeful - and fun! If you've been dreaming of a career in tea, would one of these tea opportunities be a good fit for you?

Take Tea Photographs

If you're a tea lover whose creative side leans towards taking pictures, tea photography can combine your two passions. 

If you have an eye for taking delightful, expressive photographs and you constantly receive compliments on your pictures, have you ever thought of making a living from your art?

Photographs of teaware (like an artistic arrangement of teapots or the antique teacups inherited from your grandmother), tea celebrations (like your little niece's tea party with her stuffed animals), or tea shops (like the dozen tea shops you visited during your trip to England last year) may be just what someone else is looking for as an art or travel photograph or on a stock photo website, such as Dreamstime or Fotolia.

Take Tea Photographs

If you need some help getting started in a career in tea photography, AWAI (American Writers & Artists Inc.) has helpful, informative, fun courses - try The 30-Day Stock Success Program or, if you'd like to combine your photography skills with travel writing, the Turn Your Pictures into Cash course may be for you.

Become a Tea Consultant or Affiliate

If tea is one of your greatest delights and you are eager to share that enthusiasm with others, why not consider becoming a tea consultant or a tea affiliate marketer?

As a tea consultant, you connect with a tea company and earn commission by selling their products. And now, with social media (like Facebook and Twitter) to help with spreading the word about your products, the world is your marketplace... unless, of course, you love local, in-person marketing and are happy to keep closer to home!

For example, if you become a consultant with Steeped Tea (which you may have seen on TV on the program Dragon's Den), you can book parties to share their amazing teas and teaware, choose to market entirely with social media - or your own, just-right combination of these!

Choosing online affiliate marketing is another option. If you have a tea website or blog, you may consider signing up with one or a few tea affiliate programs. Then, when you link (with your affiliate code) to a tea or teaware product from your site (say, in a tea review), and a reader clicks the link to purchase, you'll earn a commission.

Tea jobs as tea consultants or affiliate marketers are wonderful and can be a lot of fun if you love and believe in your tea products and can't wait to share your passion - and the delicious teas - with others!

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Every day, we understand more about the health benefits of tea for our bodies. But the goodness of tea goes far beyond those benefits... tea nurtures us mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and socially, as well.

So, leave your unloved job behind and forge ahead into a new exciting tea career - and enjoy the many health and wellness benefits of tea on so many levels!

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